Paganism and the History of Social and Religious Intolerance!

by Jesse Potter aka Elkin Vanaeon
On this ninth day of August in the year of our Lord and Lady 2005 CE

The Dedication:

     This Website is dedicated to all Pagan Peoples who have been reclaiming their cultures, languages, and beliefs from the devastation of the past, for it is through their efforts that the world is still becoming a more diverse and interesting place to live. It is especially dedicated to my beloved wife and children whom I have left these writings as part of my heritage.

The Table of Contents

Chapter I: The Inheritors of the World

Chapter II: Paganism

Chapter III: Paganism and Wicca

Chapter IV: Paganism, Wicca and the Judicial System

Chapters V: References - The Definitions

Definition of Conscience

Defining Differences of various beliefs of Religion

Definition of Ethics

Definition of Soul, as to what is it?

Definition of Evil

Definition of Terrorism

Definition of Morality


The Dates, Periods and Events

Chapter VI: 50,000  to 1000 BCE

Chapter VII: 1000  to 1 BCE

Chapter VIII: 1 BCE to 699 CE

Chapter IX: 700 to 1099 CE

Chapter X: 1100 to 1299

Chapter XI: 1300 to1499 CE

Chapter XII: 1500 to 1699 CE

Chapter XIII: 1700 to 1849 CE

Chapter XIV: 1850 to 1899 CE

Chapter XV: 1900 to 1939 CE

Chapter XVI: 1940 to 1979

Chapter XVII: 1980 to 1999 CE

Chapter XVIII: 2000 CE to the Present!

Chapter IXX: Final Comments

Reference - Articles

Chapter XX: An Introduction to Shamanism

Chapter XXI: Mistranslations of Bible Revisionists

Chapter XXII: Rights of Humanity


Chapter XXIII - The Bibliographies

  Celtic History & Archaeology

  Celtic - Reconstructionist

 Christian - Christianity


 Dooms and Laws - Medieval


 Ergot - Ergotism



 Native Aboriginal


 Pagan Traditions

  The Pentagram

 The Roma




 Research of Intolerance in Human Experimentation


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