Chapter XIX: Final Comments

by Jesse Potter aka Elkin Vanaeon
 On this ninth day of August in the year of our Lord and Lady 2005 CE

Past judgements, Present hopes, Future dreams

Many cultures were not portrayed or expressed that should be represented and apologize for not being able to provide a view of History that included a fuller worldwide perspective, but I am limited to space and this section is already over 600 pages in length. In the scope of this work I have brought certain points into view that some people find objectionable or hard to accept, my answer to that is to get over it and grow up! History is and has been both beautiful and ugly and requires an open mind to learn and understand the many truths of this world. It contains both the records of the living and the dead, including the reasons for the deliberate destruction of records and artifacts that leads to the present limited point of view of the world. The cultures most obscured and desecrated were of pagan peoples who lived their lives with love and passion, building civilizations, and worshipping their gods and goddesses as well as their children. Their beliefs portrayed families in the heavens of men, women, sons and daughters, instead of the need to unify everything into one supreme being.

The people of today view and judge societies by:

It is the judging of actions, and the beliefs that motivate those actions, that present societies learned to evolve better ethical applications and higher goals of laws, judged right for their time, and recognized by the people and hopefully the leaders that govern them. However, many judgments of purity between differences of beliefs, thought to be correct in their time, were but means of the bindings of slavery to both body and mind leading to suffering by many peoples in the past. It is in this direction of thought, in the material I have presented, that history has consistently shown that people have accepted teachings of beliefs that accept women and children as being treated merely as property, which led to the slavery of people within what was or is deemed present free societies.

Within my beliefs is that women have the fundamental rights to be free to:

This is still a process being fought through great suffrage by women of different societies, not only of physical freedom but also freedoms in thought and action and the choosing to change beliefs frozen in time, which are stagnant and need to be changed. It requires being willing to:

It is the challenging of beliefs by remarkable people, which leads to the establishing and recognition of laws necessary to free people from what is taught as teachings which may include the:

Change is sometimes forced upon people, this was seen in the case of early America in which a people with different beliefs came to a new land to practice their own beliefs and form of society. This was due to their having chosen beliefs considered intolerable in their own country and the act of colonization was more of a deportation than of individual choice. It is the people of their heritage and peoples of other different beliefs, many of pagan heritages, who came to America and chose to rebel against tyranny. It was in the acts of:

Slavery was later considered ethically wrong and intolerable! Individual states threatened to secede from the Union in order to continue their practice of slavery, which created the need for a Civil War to be declared, at the cost of many lives, to abolish slavery.

Many people of different cultural beliefs, race, and gender lived, fought for, and died in the past and the present for what is now known as the United States of America. Its leaders and lawgivers have been watched and judged for their actions, whether right or wrong, by other countries. Many other countries recognized the need for freedom and declared their own Independence, developing similar forms of laws for governing themselves that upheld higher ideals for their peoples and collective societies in order to live together and thrive.

Internationally this brought about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was written on December 10th 1948 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris. Where 58 Member States of the United Nations General Assembly reached out to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was accepted by and signed by the United States as the Rights of Humanity. Under Article 19, the United Nations respects the dignity of all human beings to be recognized and have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right includes freedom to change religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his or her religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Changes within society is a slow process and the application of Human Rights has been sorely tested by each nation who signed this Resolution. Freedom can never be taken for granted as there will always be those in authority who will decide to treat people as being unable to make proper decisions for themselves, attempting to make decisions and choices for them without proper representation or consent. This is only another form of tyranny. The prevention of tyranny requires the willingness of people to be informed and educated of existing laws, as well as any proposed changes to them, and to participate in the voting of those laws. Once laws have been established, they require testing over time as to whether they will stand as being correct in their application. It must be understood though that if any laws of society are changed or created that permit people to be treated cruelly and recognized only as a resource to be used without human dignity, then it requires protest and challenge to the authority of those laws to change them. This especially applies to those who:

I have presented my case and realize that it will be only in the passing of time and the recording of history as to how people will treat each other in the future. Remember - It will always be the children, of this or of another age, whom judge the actions of their ancestors. It only matters when Parents and Grandparents give a damn as to whether or not anything is left to be inherited!


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