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 My name is Jesse (Craft name is Elkin Vanaeon) and the lady with me is 'Cera' (Birth name Stefani), a Wiccan Priestess and my beloved life partner! We have been part of the family of Dragonwood in Zepherhills, Florida, since 1994, but as of August 14th, 2011 - we have left to become Solitary. We have been members of TUUC Circle, Roots & Wings, and PAN. I am a Third Degree Wiccan Priest and have been studying the history and structure of mankind, religion, and the craft for over thirty five years. I put this Website together for those wishing to seriously study and further their education of the Craft, it is primarily directed towards those beginning their own Circles whom do not have the aid of  Elder s knowledgeable of the Craft to aid them. If you wish to know more about me then click on the link - About the Author!

 The section titled "Alchemy of Life Part I" provides recipes and herbal techniques used to preserve and process foods and beverages.

 The section titled "Alchemy of Life Part II" provides information on making aromatic oils, candles, dyes and inks, phytotherapy (herbal techniques and medicines), perfumes, and soaps.

 The sections titled "Articles" and "History" pertaining to history and literature of Celtic, IndoEuropean and Saurmation and Kurgan cultures.

 The section titled "Creative" is a compilation of real audio music files and pictures created for your enjoyment.

 The section titled "Laws" pertains to US laws affecting the right to personal and religious freedom.

 The section titled "Paganism and the History of Social and Religious Intolerance" provides an in depth coverage of laws, definitions, history, references, and bibliographies pertaining to paganism for students who wish to understand and study a more complete balanced world view of past and present social and religious patterns.

 The section titled "Wicca" contains a glossary, Laws, Lessons, Principles, Redes and Rituals of Wicca.