Pagan Songs, Chants, Poetry and Visions

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grshbul Ancient Mother
grshbul Balance of the Wheel
grshbul Earth my Body
grshbul Morrigan 
grshbul Points of Five
grshbul Roots n Wings 

grshbul She Changes Everything She Touches
grshbul Shedding Her Skin
grshbul Sisters on a Journey
grshbul The Ocean is the Beginning
grshbul We are a Circle

Visual and Audible Effects

grshbul Gallery of Images
grshbul I will be Gentle
grshbul I Seek Common Birth
grshbul Lord of the Dance
grshbul Magic is Afoot
grshbul Pucks Vision

Special Credits for the Chants
are given to:

  • The Spirit Singers of Labrynith Temple,
  • The Colorado Midwives Association,
  • Starhawk of Starhawk Coven,
  • Dian Gorsira and Shining Wheel Coven whose latest CD is Chants of Balance!
  • Lady Jahali Firebearer of BUUC and Lady Dreaming Owl of TUUC from the original Roots and Wings Coven!

grshbul She Lights the Way
grshbul The Tree Dance
grshbul Triple Goddess
grshbul We are Witches All
grshbul We all come from the Goddess


For those who want a listing of decent Pagan Music - I suggest the Greybard Playlist , which has songs compiled for my family. Sorry but I don't provide the songs themselves - you'll have to collect them the same way I did!

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