The Grey Bard
updated as of 6/03/2011

Pagan music comes from all walks of life and is about the diverse aspects of relationships of humanity, gods and goddesses, families, nature, and survival - covering areas of joy, sorrow, love, loneliness and subjects both sacred and profane that add to our lives, to strengthen and sometimes humble us. Listening to such music adds to the mystical qualities that separates us from the mundane world.

It provides inspiration of faith, growth of spirit, and the desire to be creative. It is to the soul as water and food is to the body for survival. With music, song, and dance our people thrive and spirits soar and I do my best to bring that with me wherever I go!

Pagan music is made up of many forms and variations of genres - some songs merely taped from off the air or the Internet, other artists albums or CDs may be listed and able to be ordered, and then there are those artists whose music is original and hasn't and won't ever be publicly broadcast. Each tells a story though, whether simple or complex - real or imaginary, that the artist brings to life through their music. I have compiled a total of 740 songs from Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Africa, East India,Tibet, China ... and Native music from around the world.

The Greybard Playlist

Greybard Playlist


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