The Principles of Spirit - Part II

Written by Elkin Vanaeon

Symbolism of Death Oriented Concepts

  • Appeasement
  • Salvation
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Male Dominance
  • Female Dominance
  • Patriarchy
  • Matriarchy
  • Linear Thinking [denial]
  • Domination
  • Sin
  • Man being Sinful
  • Woman being Sinful and Unclean
  • Sacrifice

  • The Principle of Higher Will

    This principle is viewed from the difference of an individual in either acting for:

    Those providing the greatest benefits to the people, serve selflessly - bound by sacred duty or obligation from within or from a higher authority from without!

    The Principle of Honesty

    Only when true to oneself, can one speak or act honestly with others. In the sense of integrity, honesty entails actions placed into perspective with higher principles shared with others, despite the subconscious desire to do something else.

    The Principle of Identity

    This principle pertains to the individual right to be a separate entity. Each life form is held within the matrix according to its spiritual imprint consisting of:

    Each spiritual entity carries the imprint of affinity; determining the ability to work with and draw energy from other realms or planes close to their own - See Principle of Patterns!

    The Principle of Intention

    This principle relates to the perception of the nature and degree of directed energy towards a specific goal by an individual, group, or people through actions resulting in changes of present or future patterns. This principle involves actions of honor, honesty, and integrity!

    Within the range of responsibilities - actions performed

    The Principle of Intuition

    Intuition is the knowing or sensing of the rightness or wrongness of an action, the essence of the nature of someone or something as being what they represent. Intuition is referenced as the survival instinct, which the majority of humanity has lost over the ages. Intuition becomes stronger through recognition of ones own abilities and self-worth.

    The Principle of Justice

    Through the actions of another, someone you love or care about has been harmed. The normal reaction would be one of revenge, retribution, or compensation. In the act of self-defense [at the moment of causation] of self or family through right action, karma is invoked only in the degree of action in response. But in taking upon the judgment of another after the fact, and possibly learning of it second hand, you may invoke the laws of higher authority. To the degree of incarceration and damage to the spirit in the action of harming another after the fact or premeditated action invoking actions against oneself. The correct action has to be determined individually in ways to approach higher authority to follow through in finding the culprit, and in determining compensation! Remember also - that all too often the victim is forgotten in the chaos of the moment, needing all the love and support you can give, and that's real hard to do if you're behind bars!

    The Principle of Love

    The principle of love relate to the interaction of relationship to self and to others, knowing that love is expressed in degrees of:

    Love is properly applied through the action of guiding, not controlling, directed in such ways that produces harmony! The term, "Love is the Law", means to seek the reasons of fear within oneself that result in distrust, anger and hate - so that they may be resolved and if at all possible changed to feelings of love.

    The Principle of No Judgments

    Judgments are the inventions of humanity; a means to compare, contrast, and control, as we judge ourselves - with superficial, and often idealistic concepts of perfection, morality or truth? Under the principle of equalities - to judge is to be judged, equal in compensation.

    The Principle of Nonintervention

    This principle prevents physical and nonphysical beings from intervening or correcting what they see as wrong or harmful. In the violating of natural actions, the results of those actions would be changed! The responsibility of violating such actions is to be understood and accepted before action is taken! Another aspect of this principle, is that spirit should not be invoked to channel energy to a recipient that would force a change in the evolution of that being. It is natural to want to help a young wild bird that has dropped out of it's nest. Simply placing it back up in the tree may help it, whereas many young adults try bringing it home to keep it as a pet and as a result it dies out of fear. There are many wild creatures living in their natural settings that cannot interact as a domesticated species and will either die in captivity or lose their natural abilities to survive in the wild!

    The Principle of the Otherworld

    This principle defines the spiritual condition of a being traveling through pathways between planes of existence. The very process of having crossed over from one plane to that of another, changes the essence of the energy of that being, causing it to attempt to change it's harmonic vibration to either closer-to or farther-from the fundamental energy of its own primary plane and natural laws of that plane!

    In each reference to the actions of a being from one plane of existence in having participated with the actions of eating, drinking, or procreating with the inhabitants of another plane, resulted in contamination of that being through the imbibing of substances not natural or considered pure in its own plane!

    Thus, preventing those involved from returning to their own realm or in the changing their spiritual nature [involving purity of spirit], resulting in their being exiled from their realms! Through death the body is returned to the elements while the spirit is released to continue its journey, being of spirit yet held within the matrix of its origin!

    The Principle of Patience

    Through patience, we learn to know ourselves, to measure and test our ideals of principle and concept, to have faith and to seek understanding. We come to realize through patience, that any fault we see in another is reflected from our own personal experience and knowledge.

    The Principle of Patterns

    All matter and energy follow specific patterns that, through observation, we have determined to be repetitive to the degree that we can establish laws and principles to explain and understand them.

    The Principle of Patterns of Behavior

    Pattern of behavior is measured in relation to repetitive actions of self or others and to the degree of interaction with others determining whether these patterns are positive or negative!

    The Principle of Philanthropy

    The principle of philanthropy involves degrees of responsibility of actions given for others within a person's life as applied in:

    Defined in degrees of balance involving acts of compensation to others through unselfish-acts of giving of oneself, towards a projected goal!

    The Principle of Responsibility

    In establishing the limits and boundaries of our realm, we can establish harmonious, cooperative relationships through the understanding of what falls within our realm of meeting obligations to oneself and to others. Under this principle we understand:

    The Principle of Right to Decree

    This principle involves persons right through having earned the authority to call upon the energy of other realms to move from the confines of nonintervention, to act on the greater good of a people through actions of applied symbolism, representation, identification, and differentiation! In the creating of sacred space through knowledge, application, and power of 'Symbols and Words,' summoning or directing energy for:

    Thus controlling the form of manifestation or the invoking of anything which would be detrimental or not of the highest interest.

    The Principle of Sacred Duty

    This involves the responsibility to duty of philanthropy, of a person of authority earned to use the knowledge and power they have attained towards acts of:

    The Principle of the Scales of Destiny

    A price must be paid whenever a change is made in the direction of a journey affecting the future outcome of a people! It is by 'Will of Conscious Spirit' that one whom has earned the authority and been deemed worthy (through actions of duty, service, and self-sacrifice) may place oneself on the Scales of Destiny (the balance of set patterns of the present that determines future events)! To channel the power and change the conditions of the existing balance, from what is to what will be, of greatest benefit to the people! This is the seeking of permission by a Higher Authority to use the power to change the direction of a journey from a lesser path to a greater one. Ones "Own Worthiness" is the price, if deemed unworthy one loses in the degrees of the power and the balance of destiny will not change!

    The Principle of Spiritual Approach

    This principle states that one may only approach deity - through purity of sacred space from within as well as from without. It is through conscious thoughts, words, deeds, and will of an Individual to invoke god and goddess and the divas of other planes to create works of healing, to the body as well as the spirit of life, through sacred ritual! Proper spiritual approach must be made in order to draw upon the life-giving energy of Mother Earth, Goddess and God, and from the spiritual plane, through manifested acts of healing our people and our world. Bringing life-affirming spirit back into our world, through love and goodwill!

    The Principle of Spiritual Awakening

    "The Sleeper must Awaken," is a term fitting to this principle. During the process of birth, death, and rebirth, the individual begins to become aware of memories, of people and places - that are not memories of their present life. Usually, it is only people who have studied either eastern philosophies, or having met someone with true knowledge of the craft, whom become aware and able to come to an understanding of what is happening to him or her. Involving oneself in philosophy, religion, ancient history, or specific geographical regions helps to fill a void felt from within.

    Everyday, this happens to people all around the world. Many religious teachings produce the fears of either being demon possessed, or just plain crazy. In medieval times you would have been persecuted for having visions or hearing voices; tortured and burnt at the stake, or put into asylums!

    Once awakened without fear, the spirit and mind explores and processes the stored records of memories and events of previous past lives! One can become engrossed in re-living the past, forgetting to live in the present! It is especially discouraging - in remembering loves of the past, when your present relationship is poor at best. The process changes your life, expanding your horizons of thought, concepts, and symbolism. Perceiving other planes and beings not of this world, and as time passes - understanding, with more heightened awareness!

    Many people have written as fictional accounts of themselves remembering their dreams and creative visions in order to protect themselves. Until now, in this present day and age, they are finally able to write openly, without fear of persecution, of factual accounts in their biographies, publicly announcing to the world their experiences without fear of recourse, or censorship. The awakening of the spirit allows us to remember in our journey through life, of having been reborn in each new life:

    The Principle of Surrender

    This is the principle behind rituals of initiation, and the understanding that comes from it! People cherish life, surrendering to death is a very frightening experience. Only through the attaining of complete trust and faith in ones own beliefs, and having the knowledge that in death, the spirit will continue on to a higher plane of existence, can one surrender the spirit from the body and the physical plane!

    Whichever the case may be, the spirit must travel on to the spiritual plane as soon as possible. Without the body the spirit, in having manifested itself on the physical plane, is unable to replenish its energy. Dissipating to the point of becoming trapped and possibly localized to a particular area and unable to continue its journey unless assisted!

    The Principle of Symbolism

    Language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, philosophy, and religion are all systems of symbolism! In Spiritual Symbolism, by concentrating and focusing on the symbol, merging the symbol with self, attaining the state where nothing but the symbol exists. One's spirit can then connect with the aspects of deity that the symbol represents, or by name or symbol of a teaching spirit!

    The Principle of Telepathy

    [The transference of fine vibrations of the mind as thoughts, transmitted through the subtle vibrations of the spirit] The projecting of ones will is measured as the degree of force of ones thoughts, within the same category as the broadcasting of thought. In the aspects of telepathy, it is the sending or receiving of thought images into the mind of another person. Only by the process of learning focus, applying will, and having power of mind, can thoughts be broadcast to the degree that another can acknowledge the source and receive thought images. In most instances, telepathy is sporadic and considered a wild talent. As with many abilities, telepathy is triggered from within the subconscious [being perceived in a dreamlike state such as lucid dreaming], conscious effort usually fails due to lack of complete faith in either concept or in ones own abilities!

    One point to be established is that humanity fears anyone able to perceive the emotions and thoughts of another. Those without the gifts fear their secrets will be unearthed and made open to the world to be judged and punished. This is due to the feeling of separateness allowing them to tell untruths, placing barriers against each other instead of honesty and openness.

    Those with the gifts find people that are unable to shield and constantly releasing raw thoughts and emotions, not their own, are unhealthy and distasteful. They choose to be among their own kind, open in total honesty, respecting the privacy that the comyn and muggles do not give!

     Symbolism of Death Oriented Concepts

    Everything from this point down covers concepts invoked on humanity by mankind's religious teachings of negativity and death! The varying theologies and mythologies of almost all civilizations have certain universal principles and concepts that lead to domination, hatred, and war!

     Death Oriented Concepts of Domination:

     Death Oriented Concepts of Sin!

     Death Oriented Concepts of Man being Sinful because:

     Death Oriented Concepts of Woman being Sinful and Unclean because:

     Death Oriented Concepts of Sacrifice:

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