The Principles of Spirit Part I

Written by Elkin Vanaeon

Mankind built the kingdoms, cultures, and religious teachings of their time, through acts of violence and destruction! Creating the chains of fear and oppression through the shed blood of their people, their enemies, and their god - in the demeaning and tyrannizing of womankind and their children, and having brought about the dehumanizing of people and cultures, up to our present day and time

Definition of universe - an enclosure (universe, woman, womb) within which something originates or develops (from the Latin for womb) or a situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained (Web of Life)!

Table of Contents

 The Principle of Abundance

By the application of symbolic concepts of abundance in our lives, we can draw on energies to apply towards wealth and success. Abundance applies towards food [fertile land and crops], money, material wealth, friendship, love, family and children, spiritual growth, etc.! In viewing records of historical significance, the values and belief systems of mankind have judged such concepts - as being detrimental to the spirit; affecting the outcome of abundance. Aspects of learned guilt or sin related to success and/or material wealth. The judgment society makes on people who have success and monetary wealth, as being less spiritual, and thus corrupt, affecting the results of any work being done. The individual in attempting to attain spiritual and material wealth has to do so in such a way as to nullify conditioned aspects of such a belief system, in order to achieve positive results. One can achieve abundance as long as balance is maintained in order to produce harmony in their lives!

The Principle of Acceptance

The process of evaluating symbols, concepts, and principles both individually and within degrees of relationships as applied towards:

The Principle of Between

Short form - a different way of thinking which, from the safety of sacred space, allows us to access the dimensions of other realms!

Long form - Space and time, as determined by the Sciences of humanity, is only measured in four dimensions (length, width, depth, and time). The concept of between is abstract in nature, going beyond linear dimensional thinking. Allowing us the means to create sacred space and link to the other realms, establishing a point between:

We use symbolic means within ritual of expressing the differences between the dimensional characteristics of the realms. Thus, we learn how to discern the vibrational characteristics of the different sets of patterns of our world as well as to the other realms of existence. We establish sacred space between the realms so that in safety we can reshape those patterns to ones of our choosing, changing the patterns of our space and time!

The Principle of Challenge

The Principle of Challenge is the sacred responsibility of demanding the nature of another being of intent, identity, and whatever pertinent information felt necessary when being approached to enter sacred space to prevent harm or contamination of those within sacred space! It is also the necessary changing of one energy state or level of authority to that of another when conditions are either not met or have yet to be met. Such as:

 The Principle of Color

Color is found in all aspects of nature, profoundly affecting the spiritual balance through aspects perceived as love, danger, attraction, harmony, repulsion, calming, etc.! Color has also been used to denote perceived differences in humanity, negatively affecting the balance of social and political patterns through the perceived color of spiritual teachings. Color is in the eyes of the beholder, beautiful in diversity, complex in its patterns!

The Principles of Compatibility

Love, compassion, hate, vengeance, etc. are human concepts projected on others, through the use of symbols. The position or degree of correspondence to our own plane determines the symbols of compatibility with other realms or planes:

The Principles of Complacency and Domination

The Balance of the Spiritual Nature of this world is viewed in terms which reflect the nature of the teachings of the negative aspects of complacency and domination!

The negative concepts and resulting actions of complacency and domination damage the spirit of the people of this world. In varying degrees, people allow themselves and their loved ones to be shackled by the negative aspects of these concepts, accepting the principles of complacency and domination in such a way, that they become one with them.

Life's choices are determined by where you want to be on the scale of life and what type of life you want for yourself, your family, your people, and your world, requiring action to bring about these changes. Complacency and dominance are opposites in polarity, measured in degrees of balance and correspondence, requiring actions of strength, determination, and courage in order to enact the life affirming changes necessary for quality of life, survival, and spiritual growth!

Principles of Complacency and Domination - Sexuality

Complacency and dominance are concepts of sex, but not an act of love, for in their very aspects they establish levels and degrees of control - governed by balance of perceived gender. Gender used in terms of spiritual balance - is the action of joining of masculine and feminine energy, becoming one and sharing in harmony and balance!

The Principle of Consciousness

Consciousness is, recognized as an aspect of sentience, being aware of having the ability to learn and recognize the results of ones own actions. Consciousness is measured in degrees of the cognitive expansion of a being's ability to comprehend; of one's own actions as well as the actions of others; the perception of the results of those actions; and the extrapolation of possible results of those actions affecting the present and future.

The Principle of Continuity of Consciousness

Creation is a continuous and endless process of shaping and reshaping the Universe. Spiritual consciousness of the patterns of life and their relationships perceived through the universe. The merging of consciousness and spirit results in the understanding of universal concepts and knowledge contained within the universe. Continuity of consciousness is achieved through the conscious initiation of merging one's spirit with the universe of present and past incarnations. Thus in the merging of all is the acquiring of self-knowledge, of a more complete spiritual identity, and the further ability to access and learn from the universe [how and where in relation to the woven threads of the fabric of space and time of the universe; akashic records].

The Principle of Cyclic Return

Otherwise known as the Circle of Life; the process of being born, living through the actions and processes of life until reaching the death of the physical body, at which time the Spirit is released to merge with the universe until the next time of rebirth.

The Principle of Discipline

By the practice of discipline, one learns through commitment, focus of thought, patience and tolerance, to achieve the skills and degree of knowledge that gives access to life's options!

The Principle of Divination

A person, attuned through the Spirit and the universe, is using forms of divination to read from the past, present and then to the future. The ability to use divination comes with the raising in degree of spirit, gaining the right to access the universe for the good of another or of oneself. When reading the universe, keep in mind that energy changes from moment to moment and that possibilities change exponentially as time passes.

Those who practice the art of True divination usually do not place themselves in harms way or tele-evangelize themselves in the open to be paraded before the world! Too many pretenders want their own form of truths to be heard and seen, to profit from the needy, feeling powerful without true power.

The Principle of Earth Energy - Physical Aspects

Earth revolves around Sol; yellow hydrogen based star of medium magnitude. Earth [known as 'Gaia' or 'Mother Earth'], is the only viable planet in a solar system composed of nine planets [tenth planet was ripped apart and represents elements of chaos]. Due to the existence of magnetic and gravitational fields - the actions of other planetary bodies [in varying degrees of attraction, flux, and alignment] effect tremendous changes in the gravitational and magnetic fields of our world! The lunar [moon] and solar [sun] bodies have the greatest degree of attraction, determined by earth’s orbit and rotation as to which side is facing these planetary bodies. Earth is a planetary body [of varying mass, density, and fluidity] affected by changes of flux [magnetic and gravitational fields] through constantly changing cycles of movement. All planetary energy [whether in a state of low vibration, or high vibration] are affected by these actions to the degree that the atmosphere, bodies of water, and landmass, change shape according to the degree of attraction of these planetary forces.

Earth's shape is spheroid due to:

These actions create a tremendous amount of energy produced through the interaction of planetary correspondences in constant movement resulting in:

The Principle of Earth Energy - Spiritual Aspects

Humans have demonstrated through their actions [of the past up to our present day and age] by the majority of their combined races and people, that humanity:

The spiritual nature of earth is out of balance [held in the projected masculine spirit] contaminated by warlike, linear, death-oriented concepts of religious and social principles! Destroying the life essence of Earth through the belief that nature, and correspondences of nature, must be destroyed in order to achieve purity of the spirit, escaping through death [as a reward] for the consequences of their actions to a higher spiritual plane!

The Principle of Economy

This Principle of Economy states that energy will always follow the direction of least resistance. Actions affecting the natural laws within a plane will function within harmony of the balance of those laws, whereas actions disharmonious with the natural laws will result in resistance to those actions, requiring more energy to restore balance.

The Principle of Fear

Normal fear is learned and understood as the perceiving of losing something precious to you, a danger to oneself. Overwhelming fear is the killer of the body, mind, and spirit. Fear is a binding of ones own actions, controlling and dominating what we do or don't do. Fear is perceived as:

These are only a few fears that are faced in our lifetime, some perceived and other real. People use fear against each other, especially when wanting something from another! Fear is used to manipulate people through their own perceived losses, into actions either or neither necessary, beneficial, or possibly harmful. If you believe another has power over you, then you have given them that power out of fear. Final statement, we learn to conquer our fears instead of being conquered by them - respecting them but not being controlled in the process!

The Principle of Forgetfulness

This principle works with the energy of freeing oneself, and seeing all as love, so one may dispense with the feeling of getting even or being bound. Forgetfulness is used to hide the pathways to sacred places, so those not worthy and filled with hate will never find them. This relates to the Hidden Children whose sacred knowledge is found from deep within, ready to be called forth by those strong enough to summon it, unavailable to those whose essence is contrary to their own and would destroy them because they are different. Those who happen upon this knowledge cannot see without true sight, 'tis like trying to explain color to someone that is colorblind. They are seen as "muggles", attempting to understand, but linear in their thinking.

Forgetfulness is for healing, especially to those soul mates bound together from one lifetime to the next in bad relationships, unable to break the cycle of repetitiveness. Both individuals must direct their will through spirit, to the cutting of the chords that bind them together - freeing each other out of love instead of anger, going their separate ways in this lifetime and to the next. Once done, in the next lifetime they will still have the feeling of having known each other before - but the ties of love and anger will be gone, forgotten in the cycle and not renewed!

The Principle of the Gestalt Mind

This principle defines the multiplying of the energy one creates when acting with like minded individuals through spirit to form a gestalt mind.

The Principle of Gestalt Consciousness

The more each member of a group mind consciously works together, the more in tune they become with each other, knowing each others strengths and weaknesses, having intimate knowledge and affinity with each other. The dynamics of the personality of the gestalt mind, in working as a collective consciousness, operates as an entity with the basic attributes of survival in:

When groups of gestalt-minds work together, linked through the universe and joined in common purpose, perceived as a collective consciousness by the human race!

The Principle of Harmony

Harmony is the result of resonance and synchronicity. We move closer to the resonant characteristics of the life energy and patterns on this plane and with ourselves [finding harmony and synchronicity of spirit] through acquiring the true knowledge of the natural laws of our plane of existence! In applying that knowledge in a manner consistent with it's correspondences [of which we are a part] we come to understand our role and responsibility in helping the world we live in to become stronger, balanced in the rhythm of life, attuned to nature and the cycles of nature. This doesn't happen overnight and requires actions of love, strength, determination, and courage!

The Principle of Harmonious Relations

The resonant nature of the universe is attuned to the natural pattern of each species, and responds in resonance to the spiritual nature of each separate unique life form within that species! In physics a large tuning fork of a particular vibrational frequency will cause another smaller tuning fork that is a tuned to a harmonic of that particular vibrational frequency to resonate. Both power and distance from the source determine the degree of resonance! Each entity is resonant to the nature of its plane of origin and the natural laws of that plane. Disharmony, with respect to having increased or decreased the characteristics of its vibrational level either through natural evolution or through consciousness of will, causes a change in its energy pattern resulting in stepping out of tune with the natural energy pattern of its plane of origin. In actions of this nature, the entity will either be:

The Principle of Heart

The symbolism of the Heart is that of Emotions, indefinable by logic or understood. The heart is the burning of the blood, and the inspiration of the muses! Its essence is of all the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. The heart is where the home is, yet transcends all boundaries of time and space. It is what makes us human - our emotions, our heart of fire and passion! It brings forth the power of the phoenix through love lost, and love found again. Inspired by memories and moments dear to us:

It is when love is lost that we sit alone brokenhearted, turned to stone, lost in abandonment, alone and cold on long winters night!

Don't ever deaden your senses, or let your heart turn to stone. Don't ever forget how special you are - love will find you, and come to you again! Let your heart inspire you in song, poetry, and love - giving you the strength and courage to fight for what is yours, finding harmony in nature and spirit, and becoming strong, nurturing, and compassionate!

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