The basic Universal Laws

Written by Jesse Potter (Elkin Vanaeon)

Someone once asked me long ago if magick was real and to describe it. Magick is the unexplainable, and unattainable, to those who cannot see or feel it in everything about them. It cannot be explained by science, but has been recorded by every religion known to humanity since recorded history!

Everything I have written as the Laws and principles, are only words without meaning unless they can be felt from the heart, heard in song, and seen in the miracles that bring life into our world. I am making a stab at what I know and can be explained, so - There are no absolutes governing the laws other than each law must truly interact with the other laws! Some of these have been known only by their effects and recognized as Principles, yet after having endured and appeared to remain constant.... Became laws, until proven changed or untrue. Through the passages of time ... perceptions of those living today and in the future - will change and broaden the principles and Laws to encompass a deeper understanding of the knowledge acquired by humanity as it matures.

Law of Action
Law of Akasha
Law of Attraction

Law of Binding
Law of Compensation

The Law of Creation
Law of Cycles
Law of Destiny
 Law of Empathy
Law of Equalities 

Law of Expansion
Law of Gender
Law of Harmonics
Law of Healing
Law of Karma and Karmic Return

Law of Levels
Law of Manifestation
Law of Order and Chaos

Law of Polarity
Law of Rebirth
Law of Rebound
Law of Sacred Knowledge
Law of the Spirit of Nature
Law of Sexual Reproduction
Law of Summons
Law of Teaching
Law of Three Requests
Law of Threefold Return
Law of Time

Law of Action

The concepts of commitment, courage, and love benefit us only if we act upon them. Action is energy applied to create change, with the understanding of the degrees of change associated with each action! Good or bad, positive or negative, (or the various degrees in between) are the results made by the choices we make or don't make to determine our future. In the case of non-action of an individual, the actions of others may still bring about change to that individual!

This law applies in choosing to bring those aspects of god and Goddess into our lives. We choose to light the bale-fires and join in the dance of life to feel the passions of joy and sorrow, love and hate, the sacred and profane, for we are alive and respect Life's Flame! We choose the wisdom of maintaining balance in our lives, understanding though that to live sometimes means to experience the extremes of life, which are not always of our liking. Yet in doing so we bring all those aspects of divinity into our hearts, for we choose to bring the magick into this, our world!

Law of Akasha

The Akasha is the 5th element [known as Spirit] that permeates the universe. It is the energy that flows through and described as the essence of life, containing the patterns of life flowing from and governing the laws of each of the vibrational planes, from which the elements were formed! Writings of these terms are dated as early as 4000 B.C.E. The power and naming of Spirit is mentioned by every religion known to humanity. It may have a different name due to language barriers such as "Ka in Egyptian" or "Che in Chinese", and properties of gender may have differences attributed to them such as:

It is the Spirit that points to the heart and empowers us in many mysterious ways!

Law of Attraction

This law describes the compelling forces that pull towards each other, attempting to join energies to complement each other and be complete in the aspects of their nature to become balanced in compatibility! The establishing of correspondences, processing of modes of behavior, and the actions resulting from that process, determines the spiritual balance of the individual or group! For every action there is an equal, or opposite reaction, affecting the various levels of our plane of existence. The direction of the natural flow of energy already set in motion, determines how much energy is necessary to bring about changes for or against the existing balance. Actions contrary to the natural laws find greater resistance to change and can result in a reaction detrimental to whoever was involved in those actions!

On the Physical Plane- this law applies to the interaction of atomic and subatomic structures relative to their opposites:

On the Mental Plane [involving symbolism and concepts of a people, group or individuals] - learned concepts of sex, social interactions, and fundamental patterns of behavior within a society determine this!

On the Spiritual Plane

Positive Actions to the Law of Attraction results in:
Within the framework of dealing with the natural laws that determine life within the sphere of our planet at this time, the binding forces will stay in balance as long as positive actions towards growth and survival is maintained. This entails actions of this nature:

Negative Actions to the Law of Attraction results in:
The disintegration of society and spiritual growth as a people, destruction of plant and animal species, detrimental actions towards land, atmosphere, oceans, and all life will cause this planet to stop providing the live affirming aspects to its inhabitants! Rejecting the imprint or binding forces necessary for survival of the existing life-forms of our world, continuing until the negative effects have destroyed almost all present life. On having dissipated the planet will eventually regenerate itself, restoring balance to sustain life-forms that would flourish

Summary to Law of Attraction:
Thoughts, actions, principles, and perspectives are mental and physical processes that either attract or repel! It requires binding forces to hold these things together either as an individual, group or as a people both physically and spiritually. What is accepted or not accepted as positive or negative affirmations determines the degree of cohesion! Life affirming aspects globally established as laws and principles to all peoples during the twenty first century .... will result in a tremendous reduction of disease, starvation, pollution, ignorance, and war.

Law of Binding and Boundaries

Responsibility, family, and oaths are all forms of bindings held within boundaries. Only those accepting bindings to laws and respecting the boundaries set by such laws (such as claims of hearth-right, kinship, or citizenship) may have a claim declared upon them by those having proved their loyalty. The claiming of loyalty and dedication to coven, deity, or deities establishes a binding, pact, or a covenant! The same is true of Deity in declaring a binding, pact, or a covenant with a person or of a people. Examples:

This Law deals with perceptions of:

Law of Compensation

This is degree of correction necessary to re-establish balance from one pole to the other, as in the swing of the pendulum. Rhythm compensates in attempting to maintain equilibrium in all things. Observed in the continuous cycles of life, death, and rebirth of all things, returning to us what we measure out in life. This law holds us true to what we believe, or not believe, and compensation made accordingly.

On the energy plane it is observed in the corrections of behavior of the Solar Aspects, that allows life to thrive as long as the safety of distance is maintained:

On the physical plane it is observed in the corrections of cyclic behavior:

On the mental plane it is observed in corrections of Conservation of Energy:

Fear is the perceived loss of something, causing one to feel out of control, manipulated, and perhaps dominated. Ordinary fear is healthy, a natural instinct of survival. Whereas over-whelming fear is the primary cause for overcompensation, changing a course of action to being ineffective or destructive in its outcome!

Law of Creation

Creation is the constant changing and reshaping of the Cosmos and all life around us, seen as the manifestation of life within existence. Creation is both Order and Chaos, seen as the Web of Life brought forth through the existence as patterned waves of energy and pulsating-spheres of swirling energy, pushed outwards in space and time, coalescing into stars and planets, oceans and land, and eventually living beings! It is the life giving aspects of the Spirit joined with the elements seen in:

Creation is at the heart of the Craft, seen in the union of nature and spiritual values; the source of healing; creative inspiration; and communion with the Divine. It is not in having determined that life or existence has being planned or made a deliberate act of creation. But it is seen in the actions of people reaching out at some point in their lives to change and improve upon their quality of life, which hopefully over time leads to a better life for all.

Law of Cycles

All life is governed by balanced involuntary natural cycles determining:

Law of Destiny

The only set destiny for each of us is determined by the fact that once one has been born, they will eventually die. It is how we shape our lives that we are measured and what each person learns and does with what they were taught during their life that either benefits or damages them through their own actions! Each individual is different, taking paths that make up their life story. Actions of the past are done, what you do with your life in the present is of utmost importance as to whether you are honorable, strong, courageous, and a respecter of life to yourself and others.

We are all learning from the time we are born, to establish patterns in our lives that allow us to be the best of whatever we chose to become as human beings. In the learning we take on aspects that we choose in forming patterns of becoming:

These are all parts of the totality we become and it is our choices as to understanding the causes of our own regrets, of whether we do them well (beneficial to oneself and others) or do them badly (damaging to oneself and others)!

It is important that each of us remembers that destiny is not set, other than the fact we all die at some point in our life. Death is an inevitability we all face, it is the actions in life as to what we have or have not done as to how the future is shaped! The measures by which we will be honored and remembered!

Law of Empathy

Applies to the receiving of subconscious and conscious sensory impressions from one being to that of another. Registered as feelings or impression on ones own nervous system, which may be:

This ability resides in all living creatures, but is brought out to a higher degree during extremes of physical and/or psychological trauma such as a time of catharsis. Empathy relates as a Law in a being's degree of compassion measured in it's ability to respond or relate to feelings of shock, horror, pain, sorrow, jubilation, attraction, love, etc., felt by another:

Feelings of empathy is sometimes called the mother-complex since women tend to be more empathic than men.

Law of Equalities

"As above, so below"; the center point of balance is where equality is found. When an action causes the pendulum to swing one direction to a certain distance it will swing back the other direction almost to an equal distance, slowly returning to center if left alone; energy used will reach a point of corresponding balance. Objects of correspondence brought together that are unequal will attempt to affect other objects within their influence, to establish balance of equality! Correspondence establishes the interconnectedness between all things in the universe and keeps all things relative to each other. This law is relative to the law of compensation.

Humanity attempts to live together in equilibrium with the elemental forces of nature, understanding the realms are within us as well as without. We live together in respect, fully knowing the true nature of changes in the balance, whether creative or destructive, that may occur at any time.

Law of Expansion

In human terms deals with how changes to either territorial boundaries or the consumption and replenishment of resources are resolved with any growing species that has finite boundaries and resources. This relates to all species that has populations growing unchecked with dwindling food and resources which forces that population to survive by:

For instance - education and birth control helps families to enjoy a quality of life that over-population would throw out of balance!

Law of Gender

This law embodies the truth that gender is manifested in everything - the masculine and feminine aspects, which are at work on all planes of causation.

Law of Harmonics

Everything vibrates in the universe, in fact every element vibrates at its own frequency. Within the law of levels, each plane of existence operates at different phase and vibrational levels. The law of harmonics establishes the transition of a person or object that is found primary to that plane, being able to shift to another plane by attuning their vibrational energy pattern to the harmonic of the new level or plane. The Quantum signature of our galaxy is different from those of other galaxies, etc...! Changing levels or vibrational planes requires tremendous amount of energy to be either gained, dissipated, increased or decreased in frequency or phase in relationship to our primary plane.

Harmonics, given in the simplest numerical form, can be shown as binary multiples [-8, -4, -2, -1, 0, +1, + 2, +4, +8] or, as a given number chosen as the primary plane and any other number that is a multiple [wavelength] of that number considered a harmonic of that plane. There are certain fundamental laws associated with harmonic transposition, which I will go into later!

Harmonics applied in human terms - those who enjoy the same things will enjoy each others company. Yet in order for them to stay together as a couple they cannot be in complete harmony with each other. Change allows them both the ability to grow and be creative in learning new things.

Law of Healing

This law concerns the ability of an individual to channel energy to cleanse and regenerate ones body, mind, and spirit. Healing is an involuntary process of the body, as well as voluntary process of the mind! It is through spirit that one is able to relate positively or negatively to this constantly changing Universe. Positive energy sent through time and space heals the body, the mind, and the spirit - all which make up the very fabric of the existence itself. This is seen in "Reiki", where physical touching is the actual "Laying on of Hands."

I wish to especially point out the phrase ... "Time of Catharsis", as being most notable as the time of "Inward Healing". The time during which an individual reassesses his or her perceptions of past and present knowledge - in terms of acquisition, perception, inter-relationships as well as extra-relationships - reestablishing priorities within the central core of that individual, generally resulting in noticeable changes affecting their present life!

The Law of Karma and Karmic Return

Karma relates to the individual and his or her actions -- with questions of morality, responsibility, reward and retribution. 'Karma' determines present and future possibilities measured by ones own actions, past or present, affecting the destiny of an individual or a people. Karma of an individual or group of individuals can be linked together determined by actions of representation, such as clergy, through the performance of sacred rites.

Karma is recognized as a compilation of actions, aspects of sacred knowledge and the Akasha. Each action in the web of life generates vibration, a distinct oscillation of force that continues to vibrate through several planes of existence. These actions are recorded and perceived as groups of subconscious impressions linked to the spirit carried over from one lifetime to the next.

Like attracts like!

Acts of love attract loving acts!

Malice attracts malice!

In each action, karma continues accumulating until a threshold is achieved creating the possibility of changing the outcome of one future to that of another future.

Karmic Actions:

Karmic Return:
Karmic return is the re-experiencing of the results of an action, or in having to resolve an action with understanding; rather than compounding an action with a detrimental reaction; all choices determine karma, in coming back full circle, being experienced again, and again, and etc.!

The Law of Levels

Maintains that a reality exists and operates on many planes of existence, that each of these levels has its own fundamental laws. These laws, while specific to their own levels, are compatible with other levels only to the degree of it being a primary level [point of reference] to corresponding levels associated with it! Examples would be the separate but interactive realms of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as separate realms affecting each other.

The Law of Manifestation

Through direct or indirect means an individual or gestalt group with the use of physical action, mental energy, and symbols of the spirit, can produce projected changes in the spiritual, mental, or physical aspects on several planes of existence. Manifestation can be produced consciously, subconsciously, or by divine presence. Spiritual manifestations result in changes in the area of the manifestation, leaving an imprint of the source as a result of unpredictable actions. The nature of the manifestation needs to be determined from an area of sacred space. Manifestations are usually generated to communicate:

Once the source is recognized and the issues or problems become solved in a proper manner, energy will dissipate and the manifestations will usually cease. Manifestations can be projected over great distances depending on the amount of energy being generated!

The Law of Order and Chaos

Nature may seem Chaotic, but it is really "Ordered Chaos"! This is quite complex and does have rules such as:

Order and Chaos in Nature:

Chaos is occurring on a global scale to several species of animals and plants, described as evolutionary dead-ends, resulting from extreme changing environmental conditions and diseases that cause a reduction of healthy viable offspring, resulting in the eventual death of those species! Some of this may have resulted from humans interfering with nature, but whichever the reason ... humanity is presently on that list! For those who believe this is or may be either the desire of god or goddess - then you are already among the sheep waiting to be processed. Even if this is a natural selection of reduction and death of a species - it is not a suitable outcome for Humanity!

Order and Chaos as applied toward Humanity

Humans attempt to control every aspect of their lives in relation to nature. Words developed to correspond with "Order" are "Justice", "Civilization", "Perfection", and "Purity" and "Righteousness". The actions used to bring order out of chaos can be quite dramatic and even extreme in the results! In the acting out of fanatical attempts of achieving Order - the momentum of the pendulum of the "Scales of Destiny" can and will swing towards "Chaos and Destruction". This applies to all forms of human endeavor in which purity of perfectionism results in either:

Perfection as well as absolute purity, does not exist in the natural laws of the universe. The result of attempting to achieve an imperfect balance of only "Order without Chaos", without change taking place, means more action or effort is having to be applied to maintain it than what would normally be applied to natural equilibrium! Without change there are no challenges, and believe me we need not only the challenges of chaos, but more frontiers to explore.

We may metaphorically talk about and dream of perfection, but upon having perceived finding it - we tend to destroy it out of complacency! "Perfection" projected on deity as well as ourselves is based on what we perceive to be higher aspects of the divine, bindings held in understanding at sacred moments, then released to the flow of nature's laws. In the understanding of our humanity we may briefly enjoy what is considered being close to perfection, just not all the time. Don't people spontaneously explode because of that? It is when perfection becomes an obsession, then that which is perceived as being perfect in equilibrium becomes boring and eventually needs to be changed, let go of, or destroyed!

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

Though some may view this as inappropriate - this applies to those who use the Watchwords of the Circle, "We enter the Circle in "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust"! To my knowledge Pagans have never been seen by deity as being perfect, and as much as the idea of perfection is intriguing - this is one of the reasons I'm pagan and not christian! I do respect and honor the right of others to ask the Watchwords and when asked to say, " I enter the Circle in "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust" - this is the interpretation of the meaning that I bring when saying those words:

The sacredness of our beliefs are the tools we use to shape what is the present order of things - yet religious concepts such as purity, righteousness, and perfection often takes full credit for positive aspects of order, while blaming the lack of religious beliefs as the reasons for Chaos. It is through strength of character, common sense, and the knowledge of the differences of right from wrong that we guide our families and make the right choices in the making of our laws. With those laws we then protect ourselves and our loved ones from harms way by not allowing those that would harm us or them in our lives, much less within our circles!

Chaotic effects in our everyday lives that affect us at home, work, and relationships result from:

We begin bringing Order out of Chaos by starting with our own lives - bringing into our lives those that help us to have clarity of thought and shape us. This may include family and friends of choice that are strong enough to say what needs to be said to help us, instead of what we just want to hear.

This is why families with children should not only be included - but have a part within Circle so they can interact together. What better place to learn from than in sacred space! Everyone learns to give respect, how to worship, and especially love and care for each other. We learn from children the importance of play, laughter, to not be too serious, and especially joy that families bring to each other.

We learn together as a family how our family fits into Society - What must be learned of children in the caring of them?

To Guardians and Parents - for a child to learn too fast is detrimental to the child's welfare:

Children should be guided but not oppressed:

Without care of future repercussions, knowledge and power can be used cruelly - affecting generations yet to be born. Children are learning all the time and must be taught correctly and wisely, guided due to our love for them - to learn diversity and become all that they can be, instead of dominating them to become only what we want them to be! Children will not grow physically, mentally, or spiritually if suppressed. If boundaries remain unflinchingly fixed while the child grows towards young adulthood - then opposition becomes more expressive towards those boundaries as well as to the parents and guardians [whom set those boundaries]! It is not just a matter of providing leniency in actions of this nature, for to be human means to explore the boundaries of our existence, to seek knowledge hidden in all things. To reach towards the furthest limits as a people of teachers, mentors, guardians and parents to help and guide our young to determine:

Children brought up with love and positive affirmations in life:

Growing up is hard to do and involves making mistakes. Learn from those mistakes; desire to be a loving and understanding people; Caring for each other and working together. The true teachers and parents have never left and will help those willing to reach out for help!

The Law of Polarity

Maintains that all activity, all manifestation arises from the interaction of attraction and opposition. Opposites such as positive and negative, light and dark, content and form, male and female are degrees of attraction, providing a means of balance, in nature and the Universe. Everything is dual in nature; made up of opposites. Opposites are similar in nature, but different in degrees. The evidence of this principle is observed in:

The Law of Rebirth

Each life at the time of rebirth is the sum of all previous incarnations - genetic and spiritual patterns are imprinted at the time of conception. The patterns of thought and life experiences from each previous life is retained and stored at the end of each cycle of incarnation to be evaluated and assessed during the time of reincarnation. Depending on the degree or level of spiritual progress achieved up to the time of rebirth will determine:

The Law of Rebound

The law of rebound is understood to be the action and reaction of energy applied to an object, which collides with and reflected back by a denser, more powerful, almost immovable force or object; causing damage and the changing of paths.

This law relates with the law of Karma!

Law of Sacred Knowledge

This law concerns knowledge and its use or misuse in its application towards the shaping of humanity. Knowledge in its most basic definition is the accumulation, comprehension, application, and conservation of energy. In it's expanded form it is the ability to learn, accumulate, comprehend, and apply:

These are actions displaying the sentience of a being through it's ability to store learned memories, to be reclaimed and reused later! There are three forms of knowledge available to humanity, although the majority perceives only one or two:

There are few who have traveled and mastered the inward journey and truly comprehend Sacred Knowledge. This form of ascension can only be earned, not given or taken by force. The price is too high for many to achieve it ...... some go mad and sometimes perish in the effort. To even begin to earn it you must be willing to:

Becoming the bearer of Sacred Knowledge changes a person physically and spiritually to channel, become a sacred vessel, and hold the knowledge contained within! This is all to the telling, no secrets given .. You must find the way!

Law of the Spirit of Nature

The "Spirit of Nature", seen as deity, manifests and exerts power within existence. It has been given many names and is seen in the symbols expressed in natural forms of energy, both good and bad, masculine and feminine. This "Energy" manifests itself in many forms:

Deity seen as the Spirit of Nature in it's constant changes of polarity and potential, forces which attempt to change and spread out of control, extends beyond it's boundaries in being wild and untamable, unfathomable and mysterious beyond comprehension.

The unrestrained Spirit of Nature has always produced an irrational perception of deity and of nature by people due to:

Humanity attempts to master reality - constantly creating alternatives to basic truths. True Reality remains constant to its true nature, whereas it is people with altered perceptions of reality that create illusions and delusions! Such delusional forms of thinking by creationists has brought about attempts to substitute real science with "intelligent design"! Remember ... our world is measured on the scales of destiny, by what we choose to project in symbols and concepts of humanity (race, gender, languages, customs, beliefs, life, death, etc.) and deity, reflected from within our hearts, minds, and souls!

Law of Sexual Reproduction

This law is simple and applies to the actions of the merging of polarity of masculine and feminine aspects found in nature viewed as the instinctual mating response in order to procreate and maintain the survival of all species.

Law of Summons

It is the process from within sacred space in which one calls out [orally, mentally, and spiritually] to another being [student, initiate, guide, teacher, Diva, God, Goddess] within this or another realm [other levels or planes of existence] to either demand or request that beings appearance, through the power of ones will and supported by given authority!

The Law of Teaching

This law concerns the responsibility people have, to pass on that which they have learned for the continuation of laws, principles, and perspectives of a people in order to preserve, learn, and apply, the benefits of that knowledge! It is instinctual and involuntary - though it is governed by the principles of philanthropy!

Law of Three Requests

Whenever we ask or request either the presence of or assistance from Deity, it must be put into a process expressed as:

This must be done in a correct manner and form in order to present the proper determination of the request to be recognized!

Law of Threefold Return

States that whatever energy is sent out, whether for good or for harm, will return to the sender with three times the original energy sent out:

results in energy being accepted, negated, or having been rebounded. The pattern of sent energy accumulates as it is maintained over time. It is then absorbed through acceptance, dissipated through negation, or reflected back (rebounded) through non-acceptance, which is usually quite violent!

This law relates to the laws of Harmonics and Rebound in aspects of cause, effect, and compensatory action! If something is not meant to happen, it won't! There is a natural flow to life that is simple and uncomplicated, but people attempt to force and take what is not theirs to possess through uncontrollable desires [love, lust, greed, hate, etc.]!

The understanding of sacred knowledge is having the ability to respond to the Natural laws of existence, enabling actions of healing, harmony, and spiritual growth. In the actions of attempting to force or take something that is not meant to be, you diminish yourself, setting a course of action harming the spirit of yourself and the spirit of others involved in your actions.

The Law of Time

The only moment of creativity we have is now. Time is the result of minute changes in energy levels on the subatomic level affecting everything in the universe in all planes of existence!

What we have acted upon in the past is done and those moments in history exist as a record or energy impression left in time and space. The future only happens from the actions of the present and is perceived through differentiation in thought, feelings of emotion, and change brought about by action. Each moment is full of possibilities, each with it's own course or direction. Those that take on the responsibility of shaping their lives apply energy [applied in the form of thought, word, and deed] towards those actions judged to provide them the most benefit.

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