Prologue to The Laws

Laws are tools which people use to bring order out of chaos, yet still retain the Beliefs, Teachings, and Traditions of the People whom those Laws represent.

    These works I am submitting have been  written , rewritten ,and compiled from the Teachings, Traditions, and Essence of the Original Laws [as I understand them] - as applied to this day and age in order to enhance the basic teaching patterns already set into motion. Recognizing the diversity of traditions and teachings of our people working together in harmony, strength, and wisdom for the present and future generations to come!

    The Wiccan Religion is spiritual in nature - having many truths unique to each individual. We are a people from all nations and all aspects of Society -Scientists, Judges, Teachers, Artists, Poets, and even Soldiers! We travel and explore the paths the ancient ones once travelled as well as new ones in this time, in order to give ourselves and our people a better way of life, weaving together the threads of our own destiny. We are a People proud of our roots, respecting our Heritage [the good as well as the bad], choosing to be who we are by including the Magick of life in everything we do!

../grshbul.gif Wicca is an Evolving Religion

The direction of spirituality and awareness of our individuality is a constantly changing process as time passes and the concepts and principles we apply in our everyday lives change to strengthen us Spiritually and bring us closer together as a people? We the People choose what and whom we want as Community, Clergy, Teachers, and Wise Ones to pass down the Old knowledge and bring forth the gifts of the people?

../grshbul.gif Old Laws Vs New Laws

The ranks of old, of Kings and Queens, are already no longer recognized, and justly so, for no single Individual should speak for or determine the actions or laws of the People!"

    The naming of Councils, of working within Degree Systems, and of respect for Elders has been brought into question by those Wiccan and Pagan groups now preferring the process of informal collective decision making - discarding most of the concepts of religious structure, and qualifications for clergy! There are those 'Roaring' that the old laws are archaic and outdated, something to be discarded like an old shirt that has oulived it's usefulness. The Old laws are true to the extent that those Laws and Principles were set to a way of thinking in a particular time period! We learn from the Old Laws, and over time and through evolution of society, we apply what is necessary to "THIS - Day and Age". They are a reminder of our Heritage, and the Darkness that christianity and the politics of that time had brought onto our world! Redes, Traditions, and Laws speak of survival and new beginnings for many peoples, not just what was portrayed by Christian History! Remember that any change has to be slow and proper for its time, and that time comes back full circle, so that what was once old becomes new - and that which was new becomes old.


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