Imbolc Ritual

Ritual Preparation:
A symbol of the season. White flowers, or perhaps some snow can be placed on the altar.
Select Four candles for the Altar:

Altar with White Cloth with Pentacle, Incense and holder, and Chalice and Milk, Sword and Athame!

Select four additional candles for the Elemental Quarters:

Choose your favorite ceremonial broom to Symbolically sweep out the Old and cleanse the way for the New.

Set aside ceremonial cakes (Cinnamon or Spice Cakes) and Milk on the serving trays for the Wine and Loaf Blessing!

Sage for Cleansing!

Anointing Oil pre-prepared and Blessed!

Extra white candles for spiritual energy!

God and Goddess Symbols!

Ritual Space:
Clean the area, not just energy wise but dust and vacuum your space. If your space is outside, you might clean any fallen branches, weeds or even clear any animal indications that may have been deposited in the area.

Setting up the Circle:
The Priest\ess should find compass north, the ritual will begin with calling in the quarters starting with the East. Set your circle according to those directions. You might chose to use a rope or even flour (if outdoors) to outline your ceremonial circle, and set your Quarter Candles to mark the location of the quarters so everyone will know where to stand when the circle is drawn.

Cleansing and Blessing:
The Ritual Broom can be used as well as burning Sage to clear and cleanse the space. Priest and Priestess Shall Cleanse and Anoint each other, then set burning sage at The Gateway to cleanse the way for those who enter.

Cast the Circle:
The Priestess and Priest using Wand or Sword shall walk Deosil starting and finishing East, leaving room and space for everyone, directing their will and energy from within to Cast and SpellCast the Circle saying;


"I hereby do create sacred space,
In time that is not time;
a place not a place,
Today is a day that is not a day,
All malice and worry, now away,
So all within here is right and just,
This is a place of magic,
love and trust!"

Consecration of Alter:
Facing North, the High Priest and Priestess kneel in front of the altar with him to her right. She puts the bowl of water on the altar, places the point of her Athame in it and says, "I exorcise thee, O Creature of Water, that thou cast out from thee all impurities and uncleanliness of this world as well as the Realm of the Onine: in the names of Cernunnos and Cerridwyn!"

 She then puts down her Athame and holds up the bowl of water in both hands. The High Priest puts the bowl of salt on the altar, puts his Athame in the salt and says: "Blessings be upon this Creature of Salt; let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence from, and let all good enter herein; wherefore so I bless thee, that thou mayest aid me, in the names of Cernunnos and Cerridwyn."

He then puts down his Athame and puts a pinch of salt into the bowl of water the High Priestess is holding, together they anoint and cleanse each other!

The Celebrants wishing to enter the Circle shall be challenged at the Gate between Worlds for the "Sacred Passwords - In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust" before entering, and be Blessed and Anointed by "Priest, if a Womyn" or "Priestess, if a Man," The Celebrants should then walk through the Gate deosil around the Circle to where they will stand!

The Priest\ess will introduce themselves and ask each within to introduce themselves and say where they're from!

Calling the Quarters:
The 1st Quarter Caller faces East and Calls:
To the Watchtowers of the East and the Elements of Air, we call upon your wisdom and summon your energy to help us achieve those desires new and some to be reborn!
- Light the Eastern candle!

The 2nd Quarter Caller faces South and Calls:
To the Watchtowers of the South and the Elements of Fire, we call upon your illumination and warmth, We ask for your divine protection over all things that we bring forth for rebirth!
-Light the Southern candle!

The 3rd Quarter Caller faces West and calls:
To the Watchtowers of the West and the Elements of Water, we call upon your nurturing aspects to nurse new life and for joy of all new to this year!
- Light the Western candle!

The 4th Quarter Caller Faces North and Calls:
To the Watchtowers of the North and the elements of Earth, we call upon the depths of your strength to nurture and allow what is planted to take firm root and grow healthy and strong!
- Light the Northern candle!

Invoke the Goddess and God:
Priestess saying such words as the following,

"We call upon the Goddess,
come be with us at this time,
as this is the time of the Feast of Torches,
when every lamp blazes and shines,
Wintertime has been with us long,
and has brought us much happiness.
In it we have discovered the joy of the hearth and home,
and the simple pleasures of simple living.
Through it all, Goddess,
You have slept,
a beautiful,
White Goddess,
cold yet refreshing as You
greeted us each morning,
we thank Ye."

Priestess - Lights the Goddess Candle!

Light the Orange Candle from the Blue candle on the altar (or at the Southern point of the circle). Slowly begins walking the circle deosil, bearing with him the Orange Candle saying:

"We Call upon the God,
come be with us as all the land
is wrapped in winter.
The air is chilled and
frost envelopes the Earth.
But Lord of the Sun,
Horned One of animals and wild places,
Unseen you have been reborn
of the gracious Mother Goddess,
Lady of all fertility.
White gives way to Green,
as new life is born and flourishes.
In Your love,
You give us these gifts of new life,
Hail Great God!
Hail and welcome!"

Stop before the altar and placing the Orange Candle back upon it, light the Green Candle and hold it aloft saying, "All join hands together (pause while all comply) and say with me!"


"We gaze into the Flame of what is to become,
Our lives are to be renewed with Energy and Strength.
The Land Green and Blossoming with Life,
Joy and Peace to all,
So Mote It Be!

Pause for a period while all concentrate - then place the Green Candle back on the altar while saying: "We thank all for joining in this blessing, please continue holding hands while we (Priest and Priestess) Recite the Blessing Chant!"

Priest and Priestess Recite the Blessing Chant facing each other!

"May the powers of the One, the source of all creation;
All persuasive, omnipotent, eternal, may the Goddess,
The Lady Moon;
and The God,
Horned Hunter of the Sun;
May the powers of the Spirits and Rulers
of the Elemental Realms;
the Powers of the Stars above,
And Earth below.
Bless this place,
and this time,
And We who are with You!"


Works of Healing, if necessary, may follow.

Wine and Loaf Blessing:
Standard W&L Blessing with the exception of milk instead of wine.

Passing the Cakes and Ale:
Priestess-Hold the Chalice up to your neighbor and say:

"May you never thirst "

Priest will-Hold the plate of cakes up to your neighbor and say:

"May you never hunger"

Then pass deosil to each person in the circle allowing each to drink from the Chalice and to take a cake from the tray, after the first pass around the Circle Some Wine and Cake will be saved as the Libation to the Lord and The Lady!

Libation to the God/dess:
The Priest/ess shall then pour the leftover wine onto the ground, making a circle and Pentagram with the liquid. The leftover cakes are then crumbled carefully over the pentagram to nurture the earth in honor of the Lord and the Lady. If there are any cakes left over from the ritual, set them outside for the animals and spirit folk.

Thanking and Releasing Watchtowers & Spirits:
We spent a good deal of time asking for their assistance, calling the quarters, Our personal spirit guides and the deities, so let us be polite and spend time thanking them as well. Priest and Priestess stand facing the alter, Salute, Assume the God/dess Stance then call:

I/we, (state your majick name),
thank the God and the Goddess,
for watching over
and being with us,
go if you must,
stay if you will,
So Mote It Be!"

 Each Quarter caller starting with the North going widdershins call and releasing their Quarter ending with "Divine Spirits and the Watchtowers of the __________ Thank you for watching over and being with us - go if you must stay if you will, - So Mote It Be!"

Close the Circle:
Snuff out the candles (don't blow them out). The Priest/ess physically close the circle by having all join Hands singing Merry Meet, Merry Part Song!

Ritual Is Concluded

Time for Feasting:
Foods appropriate to eat on this day include those from the dairy, since Imbolg marks the festival of calving. Sour cream dishes are fine. Spicy and full-bodied foods in honor of the Sun are equally attuned. Curries and all dishes made with peppers, onions, leeks, shallots, garlic or chives are appropriate. Spiced wines and dishes containing raisins - all foods symbolic of the Sun are also traditional.

Learn from and about each other - Rejoice in the presence of others, be free to share stories, experiences, remember be yourselves but do not disgrace the God/dess and each find a way to help clean up or wash dishes!

Imbolg Lore

It is traditional upon Imbolg, at sunset or just after ritual, to light every lamp in the house - if only for a few moments. Or, or light candles in each room in honor of the Sun's rebirth, if snow lies on the ground outside, walk in it for a moment, recalling the warmth of summer. With your projective hand, trace an image of the Sun on the snow.


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