Judgements of Purity

"The Placing of Ones own Heart on the Scales of Destiny through the Negative Confession"

by Elkin Vanaeon

What are we accountable for and how do we measure good and evil?

What is hateful in the eyes of his or her god, who can be so proud as to pretend to understand the workings of the divine mind? Are we following the rules of our own making or are we requiring of ourselves to live in strict accord with divine rules that cannot possibly be attained?

This paradox is one that humanity has been wrestling with for aeons. In the end, though we in turn seek the wisdom of the old, the young, the sacred, and the profane, we finally come to rely on that inscrutable and unquestionable measure of good and evil, our conscience.

These were the thoughts and concepts of those living within another time, which is the time of dust now. This was the sacred rite of the Heart and the Feather, which would measure ones purity on the scales of Destiny. With a clear voice and clear conscience, incapable of untruth in the holiest of places, one would recite:

But how does one measure ones own purity, especially in todays day and age? Could we say in honesty that we have never caused another sorrow or pain, that we were always humble and meek, or that our every deed was worthy in the eyes of the gods?

Certainly not, for humans are not perfect creatures. What then is truly measured on the scales of destiny that show our heart to be pure and free of wrongdoing. If we have done what we thought best, and caused another grief in the process, we think of this as having done what was necessary. If we have committed a wrong, but knew not at the time the consequences, we have no doubt come to remember the event as an unfortunate mistake, or regret. We judge ourselves in our hearts every day, and we know the depths of our own souls. In the weighing of the heart no one may truly be judged except by oneself, and upon receiving the verdict is to be judged by ones own gods!

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