Evocation of the Spirit

by Elkin Vanaeon

This is the Time in which Life blossoms forth and spreads across the land. We live with the Land and Sea in undertaking the journeys of Joy, Hardship, and Suffering. The Journey encompasses death as well as life, shaping those who travel it. We all undertake journeys in being true to ourselves! Learning our strengths and our weaknesses! Questioning everything and hopefully finding true answers to the questions!

Upon each journey we find that the Spirit of life is the hardest to be overcome, yet the easiest to harm. This requires healing, a Healing of the Spirit to shape the journey of our lives instead of just being shaped by the journey!


"Evocation of the Spirit"

Seek the Spirit path to the Sacred Temple
Hidden deep within.

Not truly seen 'cept glimpsed 'n the Times of Dreams!

To find the Spirit Gate find where all paths dost meet,
n' where sacred waters issue forth!

'Tis true once found ye must walk backwards
 to enter Spirits Hearth!

Here ye find the Sacred and Profane;
where Spirits Might joins Life's Breath 'n Flames of Passion,
with Living Water 'n Living Earth to forge you a living being!

'Tis here the Spirit lives to be called upon in times of need!

To Strengthen 'n to guide You,
To Protect 'n teach you the Hidden Ways of Old!

For the roots to the Tree of Life are found here,
 n' this place you bear Life's Flame!

Feel your heart beat,
As you are the Winged ones that fly and soar with the Wind.

Feel your heart beat,
As you are the Scaled ones that crawl and run to grasp vital heat.

Feel your heart beat,
As you are the Slippery ones that swim cool Oceans and Seas.

Feel your heart beat,
As you are the Four legged ones that 'cross both tundra 'n peat.

Step forward to the center and Summon us both God and Goddess,
for 'tis here upon our joining that Life's Spirit is brought forth,
n' when standing upon this Spirit Hearth,
We will answer true!

Pull the Power of our Spirit down and deep within that Spirit already you!

Let it fill you from Windy Gorge to Mountains Fire,
n' from Waters depths to the Sacred Caves of your being.

As Life's Breath purifies and cleanses you,
feel youthful!

As Life's Passion warms you,
feel rejuvenated!

As Life's Waters rise within you,
feel your emotions broaden 'n deepen!

As Life's Earth blossoms within you,
feel hope and love grow within and about you!

This we have always given to you for it was always yours to have!
Feel and know that we will always embrace and comfort you,
And hear you when you call.

For you are our beloved Children,
n' to live long and True!

So Mote it Be!



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