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Samhain and questioning the LBRP:

Aleister Crowley joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the first order, or lowest tier, of the secret Great White Brotherhood of Rosicrucians. The Order, led by Samuel Liddel MacGregor Mathers, which included elements of astrology, the tarot, alchemy, and magick in its rites; other members of this group included the British poet William B. Yeats. After joining the London chapter of the Golden Dawn on November 18, 1898, Crowley dubbed himself Count Vladimir and began moving up through each successive level of ability. In 1899 Crowley also is reported to becoming a member of “Old George Pickingill’s” hereditary covens situated in the New Forrest. It is alleged that he obtained his 'Second Degree' before being dismissed due to his contemptuous attitude toward women, failure to attend rituals with regularity, his personal ego and sexual perversion.  The priestess of his coven later described him as “a dirty-minded, evilly-disposed and vicious little monster!” He eventually graduated from the first order and sought entry into the second, the Order of the Red Rose. Crowley was apparently later mugged and decided to leave England for a period, to travel and study independently. In April of 1904, he wrote The Book of the Law, which he maintained that his guardian spirit, the devil-spirit Aiwaz, an agent of Horus, had narrated to him. The Book of the Law, a three-part long poem, maintained that the age of Horus was upon mankind, ushering in the age of "Thelema," a Greek word meaning "will." Crowley, as the receiver of the word of Horus, must, then, be the prophet for this new age, as well as the interpreter of its laws. The central tenet of The Book of the Law is "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

Old George Pickingill - It was in the various covens of the craft that women priestesses were recognized and found their own power, as seen in the “Old George Pickingill’s” hereditary covens situated in the New Forrest of 1899, which allegedly threw Crowley out of the coven for his rudeness.

S.L Mathers - In 1887 Samuel Liddel "MacGregor" Matthers:

The Golden Dawn - It was the beginning of the Golden Dawn, founded in 1888, the Isis-Urania Temple in L a short time, the Osiris temple in Weston-super-Mare, the Horus temple in Bradford, and the Amen-Ra temple in Edinburgh were founded. A few years after this, Mathers founded the Ahathoor temple in Paris. The history of the Golden Dawn is well documented though and several of its male initiates have become famous, whereas their female counterparts have received little credit. In 1937 “Israel Regardie published the bulk of the Golden Dawn's rituals and teachings. Written in four volumes called The Golden Dawn. It caused a storm of protest at the time, he stated he did it for it is the heritage of every man and woman and their spiritual birthright. My motives have been to prove without a doubt that no longer is the Order the ideal medium for the transmission of Magic, and that since there have already been several partial and irresponsible disclosures of the Order’s teachings, a more adequate presentation of that system is urgently called for.  Only thus may the widespread misconceptions as to Magic be removed." Some people openly criticized him for his actions, although many Adepts of the Order were secretly grateful to him.  His reasons for doing so he explains in his book My Rosicrucian Adventure - " is essential that the whole system should be publicly exhibited so that it may not be lost to man.

The Nature of Gnosticism from - Difficulties are found in offering a categorical definition of Gnosticism, various methods are applied in understanding the ancient philosophical movements called Gnostic. Gnostic systems are marked by:

The Pentateuch comprised the first five books of the Hebrew Scritures which establishes the Torah - containing the primary ten commandments passed to Moses, but it also included nearly 590 other teachings establishing what to eat, family ethics, men and womens role in socieity, legal issues, etc...! The Pentateuch in definition from - is composed of four separate and identifiable texts, dating roughly from the period of Solomon up until exilic priests and scribes. These various texts were brought together as one document (the Pentateuch, or Torah) by scribes after the exile. The traditional names are:

Women Rabinates - The aspect of women rabbinates was the spiritual view of women being incapable of grasping the deep things in religion and the institution of the public service, either in form or content, was as being students of the temple closed to them until 1837.

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