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The Elements of Magick
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The Elements of Magick

The "Elements" within Magickal Symbolism are the basic components of all that exists. These four Elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - are at the same time visible and invisible, physical and spiritual. From these Elements all things have been fashioned, according to magickal thought. The elements described here are not at odds with Science, just different, and are still considered relevant within the Magickal Systems! The Four Elements are a simpler, yet more complex set of Symbols. Earth, for example, refers not only to the planet on which we exist, but also to the phenomenon of Earthiness, of foundation and stability. Similarly, Fire is much more than flame. Since we are Magickally working with Nature, using natural powers, tools and symbols, it is important to understand them, giving them Names, Definition, and Differentiation.

The following Topics deal with the Physical and Symbolic aspects of the Elements and types of Magick related to the Devas. All Magick falls under the rulership of one (or more) of the Elements. This is true, too, of all that exists. An understanding of them will aid your magickal work immensely. The difference between an Element and an Deva is that an Element has power and energy but is not considered a being, while a Deva is considered a being in possession of the powers of the elements. Devas are described as "masculine" or "feminine," but that should not be viewed as an absolute! Like all Magickal systems, this is symbolic - it describes the basic attributes or aspects of the Deva in terms more easily understandable. The "Gender Aspect" doesn't mean that it in order to be more masculine you have to perform Fire Magick, or for women to use Water Magick to be more feminine!

The Devas

These beings are made up of an etheric substance that is unique and specifically resonant to their nature, as nature spirits they are the spiritual essence within each of the four elements:

FIRE: Salamanders
WATER: Undines
AIR: Sylphs
EARTH: Gnomes (Pans, Satyrs, Dryads, Elves ...)

Elemental Aspects of Air

Air is the Element of the intellect, it is the realm of thought, etheric, which is the first step toward creation. Magickally speaking, Air is the clear, uncluttered, pure visualization which is a powerful tool for change. It is also movement, the impetus that sends the visualization out toward manifestation. It rules spells and rituals involving travel, instruction, freedom, obtaining knowledge, discovering lost items, uncovering lies, and so on. It can also be used to develop the psychic faculties. Spells involving Air usually include the act of placing an object in the Air or dropping something off the side of a mountain or other high place so that the object actually connects physically with the Element. Air is being dry, expansive, and active. It is the Element that excels in places of learning, and which is at work while we theorize, think, and ponder. Air rules the East because this is the direction of the greatest light, and the light of wisdom and consciousness. Its color is yellow, the yellow of the Sun and of the sky at dawn, and its season is spring. Air governs the magick of the four winds, most divination's, concentration and visualization Magick.

Elemental Aspects of Fire

Elemental Aspects of Water

Water is the Element of purification, the subconscious mind, love and the emotions. Just as Water is fluid, constantly changing, flowing from one level to another, so too are our emotions in a constant state of flux. Water is the Element of absorption and germination. The subconscious is symbolized by this Element because it is rolling, always moving, like the sea which rests neither night or day. Water Magick involves pleasure, friendship, marriage, fertility, happiness, healing, sleep, dreaming, psychic acts, purification, and so on. A ritual of Water usually involves an object being tossed or placed in or on a body of Water. This is a feminine Element, and its color is the blue of deep, deep Water. It rules the West and autumn months of the year, when rain showers wash the Earth. The Magick of Water is wrought with mirrors, the sea, fog and rain.

Elemental Aspects of Earth


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