Sacred ash tree that binds Earth with 'Heaven and the Underworld in Norse myths.


  1. the festival celebrated about Dec. 21, on the Winter Solstice (shortest day of year).
  2. 2) also called Alban Arthan, Jul, and the Winter Solstice. Also see GWYL CANOL GAEAF. It marks the God's rebirth from Goddess, and reminds us that Death's product is Rebirth! The American Heritage Dictionary says modern 'yule' is from Middle English, 'yole' or 'yule'; which comes from Old English 'geol/geohhol'; from Common Germanic, 'jehwla/jegwla', meaning unattested.

(Means Beautiful People) The Faeire tradition of Wales; A tradition brought to the U.S. by Rhuddlwm Gawr; also see WELSH TRADITION.


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