the use of a pendulum for divination work...


  1. rule or law. The Wiccan Rede: ...an yea harm none, do as yea will.
  2. refers to a twenty-six line poem called the Wiccan Rede.
  3. this is a moral code: Meaning no harm to another person or thing, with an unwritten but understood meaning, no harm to Self, either.
  4. REDE: means advice or council, not law. Though Wiccans tend to take it as an absolute lifestyle.

by hypnosis or other means, to cause the mind to remember or reexperience details of the past, or previous lifetimes.


  1. the doctrine of rebirth of the spirit.
  2. the process of repeated incarnations (lives), in physical form to allow the evolution of the soul.

the act of drawing a rune shape or letter, in the air.

a prescribed form of ceremony.

(noun) a system of rites, the order prescribed for a ceremony, (adjective) relating to rites. General usage: refer to Sabbats such as The Rites of Spring. Ritual is used more often when referring to Magickal practices.

  1. A ceremony or festival.
  2. A spell.
  3. Specific movements and manipulations to produce desired effects. In religeon, its purpose is to unite Self with the Divine. But in magick, it's to allow the person to move energy in desired ways.

the alternate state of mind, needed to successfully practice magick. This is the attunment of both the Conscious Mind and the Psychic Mind. At this time the senses will be heightened and awareness expanded, beyond the physical world to the energies of Nature and forces of the Dieties.

divination tools, remnant of ancient Teutonic alphabets.

  1. Used to divine current status of person or question, placed before them. The adept user can do spells and other works with runes.
  2. letters of ancient alphabet used in Magick.

this is a poem chanted to raise power. 


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