1. oath of the written type between a Pagan or Witch and the coven or grove.
  2. oath of the written type during a handfasting ensuring care for children brought forth during the joining


  1. the word Pagan is derived from the Latin Paganus, peasant, deriving, in turn, from the Latin pagus, village.
  2. groups of Priests and Priestesses practicing what we call Paganism or Neo (from the Greek word for new) Paganism.
  3. Pagan religions are natural religions both in origin and in mode of expression as opposed to artificially created ideological religions.
  4. General term for majick embracing religions, such as Wicca, Druid, Shaman.

a term for the exercise of 'presenting' a newborn to one's Circle or Coven...see WICCANING or SAINING.

an organization of NeoPagans started in the late sixties and early seventies. Many current Wiccan and Pagan organizations owe their existence to the work done by Ed Fitch and others.

divining with a pendulum. SEE RADIESTHESIA.

is the 'reading' of palm features to explain personalities divine futures of the person. This interesting subject involves much more than just reading 'The Lines', there is shapes of the hand fingers to consider; how they are held; 7 mounts of Venus, Moon, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn; nail shapes; there are 'lines' for affection, fate, head, heart, life, sun; there are fans, islands, stars, triangles, grilles branches NOT ALL STARS ARE GOOD! Some hands carry the Cross of Intuition' or the rarer 'Ring of Solomon' or maybe just a pinker Moon Mount.


  1. the belief of many gods and goddesses ... joined in an heirarchal structure,
  2. meaning to see the Divine as everywhere in everything

an exercise of a recognizing significant transition; changes in ones life leading to new paths

  1. birthdays,
  2. lost or found love,
  3. initiations,
  4. moving to a new house, etc.

any of the archetypal guided journeys undertaken in innerplane travel.


  1. a divinitory tool, consisting of a device hanging from a string; and the deciphering of its movement.
  2. also used to measure as well show the direction of energy that is causing changes in ones environment

traditional symbol of the five pointed star, used as protection or for invoking or banishing magickal forces and entities. Symbolic of humankind made perfect.

  1. The basic 5 point star is worn by Wiccans or Witches with one point up, and enclosed by a Circle; The symbol represents the 5 senses, the Elements, and the human body
  2. Represents the Element Earth and Goddess.
  3. Protective symbol known from before pre-christian times
  4. Symbol of power and/or protection when hung over doors and windows.
  5. Pentacle is the article of jewelry or altar piece, etc.
  6. Pentagram is the drawing. Also, penagram, pentangle; 'Pente' meaning 5, and gram/me meaning line; Greek.
  7. Pentagram is a material object charged with psychic power and used for concentrating psychic power;
  8. symbol of a man/woman standing with spread legs and outstretched arms; a miniature symbol of the Universe, the points representing the elements.
  9. In Latin PENTACULUM. The points center can stand for Birth, initiation, love, repose, death transformation.
  10. Sex, self, passion, pride, power, timeless.
  11. Beginning, adolescence, adulthood, elderly, ending power to move, change, and transform. And the common meaning, but arguable: Earth, Air, Fire, Water Spirit. NOTE: the early Christians often wore pentacles, for to them it represented the 5 wounds of Christ on the cross AND the parts of the human body; that is: head, arms, legs. Sir Gawain used it as an emblem on his shield!

pendant or neckpiece worn during ceremony for devotional and/or magickal purposes. Usually it is a variant of the pentacle design.

the thought process, conscious and unconscious.

the physical body and its workings, through coordination with the mental plane.

a person's perception of life's existence, consisting of belief or lack of belief in the Divine.

the Pagan self-dedication to live by established Pagan morality.

the concept of equal but opposite energies or powers.

the belief of honoring the Divine through various God and Goddess forms or aspects.


The lowest ranking in the Magickal order; Beginner; Novice; Neophyte.

the energies which sustain the body and are used in Magick.

a material object charged Witch energy and transferred into a subjects presence to effect a certain result. See crystal.

the center point of a Circle or of a Pentagram; also a point on the earth where water is moving up or down in the earth; also a point at which ley lines intersect.

is the act of knowing something before the event. That 'knowing' that something has happened.

a male initiate of the Craft.

a female initiate of the Craft.

the act of trying to convert another from their religion to your own. Vigorous, annoying, and attacking Christian proselytizers are called Thumpers (Bible thumping), and Fundies (Fundamentalists).

or attack, is when a person tries to impose and intervene THEIR will, over another's.

the act of mind over matter, or mind controlling matter by mind alone.

the ability to receive interpret the difference of vibrations from inanimate places things and jucge distance between them ..... wonderful for locating an object or person.


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