the doubleheaded axe by or against the leftside of the altar; symbol of judgement meaning there are two sides of truth.

a term of respect for a Priestess, usually one who leads a group of other Wicca practitioners. THE LADY means the Goddess.

August eve festival; one of four high festivals; also called Lughnasadh, Martinmas and St. Martin's Eve. Also see NOS CALON AWST.

used in Astrology; Latitude ON EARTH is distances North South from the Equator. However CELESTIAL LATITUDE is the distances North South of the ECLIPTIC.

a mathematical symbol for 'infinity'; it is a horizontal figure 8, that is the #8 lying on its side... this term comes up in reference to Tarot, traditionally found on the cards:

  1. I.Magician,
  2. XI.Strength,
  3. the 3rd time,
  4. on the II.Pentacles which formerly was the 'key' card bearing the deck maker's signature. This no longer holds true, on newer, revised decks.

The MAJICKal binding of a person.

tieing together symbols and their power.

refers to a tree in which a DRYAD or Wood Sprite type Being, is believed to dwell.

refers to stones, mountains, cliffs, etc. in which a nature Being is believed to dwell.

a sometimes used term for a Priest. THE LORD is the God.

the festival celebrated Aug. 1, or August eve Sabbat. Also see NOS CALON AWST. marking the first harvest of winter food and ebbing of the Sun's (God's) energies and days grow short. A time to remember the bounty of food we eat and each meal an attunement to Nature. Also called Aug. Eve, Lammas, and Feast of Bread.

bath of symbolic purification for the soul and spirit which is taken prior to a ceremony. Usually salt is added for consecration and blessing.


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