IMAGES (symbols of the Goddess or God):
that which is chosen by a group or individual to represent or symbolize an aspect of the divine by its appropriateness. Such objects must very personal and revered as the Goddess or the God.

Oimelc, Brigid (see Candlemas). The festival celebrated Feb. 2nd marking the first stirrings of Spring as the Goddess recovers from giving birth to the God; also called Candlemas, Lupercalia, Feast of Pan, Feast of Torches, Feast of Waxing Light, Oimelc, Brigit's Day, Snowdrop Festival, among others. Often a traditional time for self dedication or initiation.

spoken charm

self burning incense containing potassium nitrate, usually as a cone, block, or stick. Incense is an Air Element symbol.

a liquid produced by soaking herbs in very hot water (not boiling!); tea, brew, or potion.


  1. One who has been formally trained and undergone the initiatory transformation under the guidance of another Priest or Priestess of the Craft for the purpose of becoming a Priest or Priestess
  2. A Witch or Pagan who has experienced the initiatory transformation under the spiritual guidance of the Old Ones; Self Initiate


  1. a formal ceremony undertaken as recognition of a persons dedication and of profound realization and understanding within the mind and soul.
  2. a formal ritual or introductory process as recognition or admittance of a new member into a group (coven).


  1. In some Covens the group is composed of initiates only;
  2. whereas in other groups the Inner Circle is composed of leaders who are 3rd degree initiates or elders.

technique of guided imagery wherein a symbolic, archetypal tale or legend is narrated and the listener follows along with personal visualization of thoughts and imagery. This is extremely valuable since the story or myth can be experienced by the subconscious.

a term describing psychic information that unexpectedly reaches the Conscious Mind.


1) a Wiccan tradition founded in Texas by a traditional english Wiccan High Priestess and a Qabalistic ceremonial magician. It is Egyptian oriented, and its training and initiatory system are based on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.
2.) a Wiccan tradition founded in Canada and consisting of a family of related covens including Isis, Artemis, Isis, Urania, and others. It is basically traditional english in its approach.
3.) a Pagan tradition founded by The Fellowship of Isis, and originating in Ireland.


  1. Calling down higher powers through ritual;
  2. Call on a God or Goddess to come into and control the person invoking.
  3. An appeal or petition to a higher power/s.
  4. a prayer.
  5. a request for a Diety's appearance or attendance during ritual.
  6. the practice that produces an awareness of Deity within.

I Read A Book. A factitious description of a self styled teacher of Wicca, majick or Paganism who reads one or several books of various accuracy, and decides to begin teaching without accurate knowledge, credentials or ability.

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