the right hand, which emits or sends energies.

the left hand, which receives energies.


  1. the Wiccan or Pagan equivilant of a joining of two people in a marriage pact, performed by a Priest or Priestess, before the Goddess and the God; a solemn betrothal.
  2. In some traditions, it is a permanent joining while in others it is only for as long as both partners agree to be joined.
  3. 3 basic marriage handfasting:

Unlike a marriage until 'death do you part', a handfasting will stop, if  the love stops (usually).

a person who dwells on the heath..

a plant used in cooking , cosmetics, medicinally and/or in majick.

the practice of growing, gathering using herbs.

when one is born into a Craft family and trained by a parent, grandparent, etc. Family loyalty was the surest way of secrecy; Y Tylwyth Teg is derived from a Hereditary Tradition. Pockets or Families of Hereditary Witches still exist in Europe and America, carrying on the family tradition. They are usually extremely secretive, preferring to work alone or only within their family. Their form of Witchcraft is different from that known as Wicca. There are some who claim to be descendants of such families. Since Hereditary status seems to be extremely prestigious, and difficult to check, false claims do happen. Some hereditary Witches express a low opinion of Witches of the revived traditions.

to work majick to cause bad luck, or to protect...from the German word for Witch. a Hexenmeister is one who practices hexing...in the U.S. this is found mostly among the Pennsylvania Dutch. (Also see Curse)

six pointed star or six sided figure used in talismanic majick.

a high status, female practitioner usually of third degree or higher. One who has passed several tests and initiations. Female co-ruler of the coven and female representative of the goddess.

the counterpart of the High Priestess. Male co-ruler of the coven; male representative of the god.

is the compilation of astrological facts presented in the form of an astrological chart.


  1. the traditional Pagan religion of Hawaii
  2. a magic or religious system invented by Max Freedom Long, who is attempting to recreate what he thought the original HUNA must have been like. Most who consider themselves to be practicing HUNA are practicing the latter.

a method of making close contact with the subconscious mind which may be self induced or induced by another.


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