four main types which reside on the surface and underground:

  1. Surface fairies are tree spirits and garden fairies.
  2. Underground fairies are gnomes and rock fairies.

a wraith or fetch. Witch power formulated into semiintangible human shapes.

the manifested Divine Power found in natural things. Can be utilized by magick for needed change.

a mixture of beliefs borrowed from various Traditions and Theologies, as opposed to one Tradition or Theology and its set mode of ritual and belief.

has various meanings in different branches of the Craft, but usually refers to one of advanced degree. In some traditions, it means one who has been a third degree for more than a year.

  1. In some three degree traditions, a Witch of Third degree, who has spent 3 years and 3 days in formal training.
  2. A Coven Leader.
  3. a Witch who has enough knowledge to preserve and teach their tradition to neophytes from scratch, without benefit of books.
  4. In Y Tylwyth Teg it means one who has obtained a fourth level Initiation.

in Pagan mythology worldwide, it is noted that there were advanced races who either died or migrated into other lands (planes) either before the coming of mankind or very early in the history of the Earth. They were considered to have great magickal powers and high spirituality. See also Loa.

beings - naturally created which have sentience, and usually intelligent. Living within their own plane of existence, travelling into ours either for their own purpose or if properly summoned. These include:

  1. gnomes (Earth),
  2. sylphs (air),
  3. salamanders (fire),
  4. and undines (water)

    plus a great number of nature elementals such as:

the four basic manifestations of matter; earth, air, fire, water; and also spirit or ether. These 4 essences are the building blocks of the Universe. Everything that exists, or has the potential to exist, contains one or more of these energies. These 4 elements formed from the Primal Essence or power, known as the Akasha.

fire used to light the balefire; produced without the use of metals; also called needfire; It also describes the fire which is kept all year long by the Elders and is used to light the balefire at the end of the year which is used to light the new elf fire.

are made of little cairns of stone, with inside room for a small candle in its glass holder. The stones are staggered so that when lit, the light shines through. A loose stone covers the top a few inches above the flame. These are wonderful little garden lights!

the liquid made by placing a gem or crystal, in a glass of water for a specified length of time, then drank. TAKE CRYSTAL OUT FIRST!

these are descendants of the Witch gods, or Mighty Ones; the Prytani or Faeryfolk.

a person who can feel the emotions of other animate (living) entities, such as human, plant or animal. Some include inanimate objects as well under this word. NOTE: see Psychometry: inanimate objects.

the movement of personal energies into herbs, stones, and other objects. These tools, or objects, are then used for magick. In herbs, empowering aligns the energies within the herbs with magical goals.

this is the natural vibration or power that we tap into or raise, in our spells rituals.
1) There are those who think of the Energy, as something they raise or generate.
2) Others think this Energy is there for the trained person to tap into directly.

a French perfumery term describing the process of extracting essential flower oils, with purified fat. Also known as POMMADE.

See British Traditional

an astrological term referring to a collection of precise dates and calculations of the location of certain planets - when, where, and why.

Equinox is celebrated and observed twice a year, VERNAL (Spring) AUTUMNAL; the Sun is exactly over the Earth's middle or EQUATOR. This produces for one day the equal number of light and dark hours all over the world. These are two Pagan high holidays.

Pagan or Wiccan ceremonial time held between the high holidays and crossquarter days; usually a full moon rite.


  1. beyond the senses.
  2. An awareness of events or emotions not present to the physical senses. Included is 4 types:
  1. acronym for extra sensory perception.

the fragrant 'blood' or liquid of a plant, usually flower.

see Essential oil.

is not a word or thought used much by Wiccans. And more associated with the Christian Satan beliefs.

calling up elemental forces; call up spirits or other nonphysical entities, either to visible appearance or invisible attendance. Opposite of Invocation.



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