Glossary  of Wiccan Terms


A beginner or novice denoting the lowest rank in a group in many magickal orders.

A master or skilled practitioner of the magickal arts of the occult. In some Craft traditions, it designates a particular stage of initiation.

The willing of repetitive Positive aspects of life brought about by actions of

  1. thought,
  2. voice
  3. and deed

The life energy that permeates the universe and represented by the 5th element (center). It is the energy out of which the universe was formed - brought about by the union of the Lord and the Lady!


  1. the plane where all time and space meet, where one may find the answer to all things.
  2. the source of past life memories.
  3. also known as the Guf ...or the sea of mankind - where the spirits of all who have died reside until the time of reincarnation.

The Science of transmutation - of both Matter and Spirit [changing from one energy level to another]

A Wiccan religious tradition which traces its linage to Alex Sanders of England, who died in 1988. Alex and Maxine Sanders were the founders; The Alexandrian tradition is an offshoot of Gardnerian Wicca, but also includes traces of Ceremonial Magick, Egyptian Classical religions, Qabala, and the teachings of Aleister Crowley.

A Wiccan religious tradition founded in the late 70's by Mary Nesnick, of N.Y. City. Their Book of Shadows includes a combination of Gardnerian and Alexandrian components.

an image or talisman made of rowan wood.

a table or any flat surface made of wood or stone used to hold the symbols and tools during the performance of religious and magickal rituals. Druid Altars are made of a flat stone laying across two upright stones.

This Wiccan tradition is an offshoot of Gardnerian Wicca, founded by Ed Fitch and several Southern Californian Gardnerians in the late 70's. The tradition includes Gardnerian material and additional material supplied by the founders. This tradition is sometimes known as Mohsian, after two of the founders whose last name was Mohs.

a magically empowered object that deflects or sends away specific, usually negative, energies. Generally, a protective object. See Talisman.

a substance, such as camphor, that reduces sexual desires.

Ruling Class of England from the 5th to the 11th century AD.

Jungarian concept that ANIMA - is the buried feminine element within a man's psyche, and that ANIMUS - is the buried masculine element within the female. This then fits to the Pagan views that Self and/or Soul, is both male and female, and with the concepts of reincarnation.

the belief that all forms of Nature have a Divine Spirit within.

a substance that produces sexual excitement.


  1. was the Goddess daughter of Diana, the Goddess of choice by Italian (STREGA) traditions.
  2. an Italian Witch and her book of Shadows written about by Charles Leland, later to be known as Aradia - Queen of the Witches

A Male oriented worship of the Horned God, less sexist than Dianic Wicca, as most Arcadian groups admit women.


  1. Secret knowledge.
  2. used to denote a classification of the cards in a TAROT deck of cards. The Major Arcana being the trumps numbered from 0 to 21, the Minor Arcana being the 56 court cards.

extremely basic forms within the human psyche; the archaic racial memories


  1. use of various flower, herb, oil and incense fragrances and smells.
  2. HOLISTIC AROMA: uses massage and smell.
  3. MAGICKAL AROMA: uses smell and visualization.

the taking on the qualities, attributes, or characteristics of something such as Diety, etc. Ex.: Luna is an aspect of the Moon Goddess. Orion is an aspect of the antlered or Horned God.

when a person during a ritual or magickal exercise, manifests ASPECTS of God or Goddess, with/in themselves.

a bundle of fresh herbs or a perforated object, used for purification by sprinkling consecrated water during or proceeding ritual.

One of the oldest Witchcraft associations in the U.S. Founded in 1967, it provides member Churches, Covens or Groves with a Federal I.R.S Tax Exempt status. It has included every major Wiccan tradition in its membership at one time or another. It consists of member Witch and Wiccan churches whose traditions derive most of their religious philosophy from Celtic sources. See also WELSH TRADITION and Y TYLWYTH TEG.

1) The realms of existence parallel to physical reality but slightly apart from it. In these realms, time and space may be traversed by the nonmaterial body. A wide variety of entities inhabit the astral planes; elementals, phantasms, ghosts and the conscious or dreaming presences of living individuals.

a duplicate of and existing within the physical body, but made of a substance not physical. However, this body can sometimes leave the physical body, and in some cases can temporarily create a separate physical body.

various worlds of other dimensions which are coexistent with the earth plane.

Out-of-Body-Experience; transferring the consciousness from the physical body to the Astral Body. The act of separating the consciousness from the physical body and moving it about at will.

1) the belief that the relative positions of planets, planetoids and stars, can influence events behavior surrounding us. 2) the method used in calculating these related happenings. ASTRONOMY is the strict physical science.

refers to calculating the planetary influences at the time of the subject's birth.

refers to characteristics of all living organisms, that has a hereditary characteristic trait or deformity which shows up after having skipped a generation or more. Such as a hybrid seed that reverts to the original plant [wild ancestor].

aTHAYme; the Witch's traditional magical tool, the consecrated, black-handled dagger, a personal knife, usually made of steel and double bladed or edged; with a black handle. Double edged to Symbolize that power works both ways: healing- harming, creation- destruction; light- dark. Both sides necessary - both sides needing to be controlled. The black absorbs power. The owner often engraves magick symbols into the metal. A magickal tool associated with change; linking it the Element of Fire, and its phallic nature links it to the God. It's direction is South.

the colored energy field that surrounds living tissue.

Alban Elfed Mabon Sabbat; also see GWYL HYDREF.

an advanced soul, who chooses to return to a physical body, in order to teach less evolved souls.


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