New Beginnings

Written by Elkin Vanaeon

"We have read the Great and Holy Books of our Ancestors, passed down through the many years, only to find them corrupted by those wanting to make themselves the only ones to hold the Sacred Truths and have the Power!"

The tale of one who was lost and is now of the Wicca begins, as of any who wish to know the untold truths and learn the mysteries forgotten and lost! To have been caught up in a world of lies and truths unveiled, stark against unforgiving time. The world as we know it and of times long past speak of god and goddess known, and in the image of man cruel and unjust, yet loving and forgiving to child and beast alike! The people cried out - "Where have you gone!" "Why have you forsaken us!" "What must we do ...!" The answer comes , I know you not - For you have made my truths tainted with your lies, making me terrible in my wrath when it was you who wanted your justice and your vengeance to unfold on children dear to my heart." I am known by many names sacred, to be known to all - yet even those have been lost through time and treachery.

I created you in my likeness, you say, and yet I would know you not for deeds and acts of faithlessness you have committed in my name - What name, one of vengeance or one of mercy, I am what you have made me to be, Male yet without feelings of man, Female yet without feelings of woman, Strong yet made weak, faithful to the faithless, merciful to the cruel.

My times have come, and gone, and come again! I see you taking the color of life out of this world We share with you, for I am many not just one. We are the Lives and memories of all taken without mercy - Men, Women, and Children slain out of greed, hatred, and lies enacted in names you have given me - making me a male god! Impotent in my Power! Knowing that women fear me for acts you have committed!

I ask, "Where have you gone - My People of the Mists - My Hidden Children?" I feel you call and answer when I can, but there is so much anger and hatred! Barriers to the " Spirit of Love and Life!" I reach out to you my people, into your circles that are as beacons in the night - to hold and embrace you for the love we share together! I cry when you cry, and sing when you sing - "For we are you and you are us, the embodiment of life, and love, and together we are one!"

Now I sing and I feel the tears of joy in being with my people, more of my children are found each passing day, and those who have found their inner strengths  - I bless and love! I do not fight their battles for them, but I will fight back-to-back with them, protecting those unable to do so by themselves - until they grow strong enough to fly on their own!

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