The Celtic Heart
Written by Elkin Vanaeon  

We still travel the paths of this realm, as well as of the Otherworlds, always seeking knowledge and eternal truths! Being reborn to the Tree of life through the triadic patterns of life, death, and rebirth! Bards pass down the history and lives of our people through Poetry and Song, of how we live with fury and passion, facing death the same way! Our "Celtic Heart" is of the land itself, forged by the Gods, infused with the blood and spirit of our people, and portrayed in unparalleled beauty and depth through our legends, artwork, and rituals!

Our People came from various nomadic tribes who had spread across the face of Europe, woven together through history into our Celtic Culture! Men and women equal in status - loving, fighting, living, and dying together within the structure of our clans. We have never been just a race, nor just a concept, we are a people showing our way of life through the traditions of love, strength and courage, carried within those who have the Celtic Heart! Forged in the fire of the blood, the magic of the land, and the Spirit of the Celtic People!

The Green Man - The Hidden One - The Cylenchar

The Green Man is connected to the deep ancient wisdom of the Great Mother, who's essence is of life and the Primal forces of Nature. He is the son of the God of life and death, and of the Goddess of birth and renewal. He represents the irrepressible forces of life, and whose pillars are the sacred trees. The Cylenchar has been known by many faces and names to our ancestors, the forest god from before the dawn of time, sometimes seen with leaves and vines sprouting from his mouth. Reappearing, time and again, to challenge those who would try to suppress him! Teaching us the lessons of healing, nurturing, and sharing, with each other and with Mother Earth!


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