Gelatin is an albuminoid substance obtained by boiling skin, connective tissues and bones of animals in water. Bone gelatine is made from ground bones. It appears to be light yellow translucent brittles. It has many applications in both food and medical industries. Gelatine should only be used as a supplement for medicinal use or food products and not the only source of protein intake! The products are manufactured for people to consume as a nutritional additive and has been widely applied in the production of candies, ice cream, cakes and pastries, and all kinds of dairy products. These alternative forms of gelatine made for vegetarians do not have the medicinal value of true gelalatine:

The natural protein of gelatine plays a major role in supplying the body with glycine and proline. It differs from other proteins because it contains the two amino acids in a concentrated form that is around 10 to 20 times higher than any others that allows the human body to produce collagen. The amino acids glycine and proline perform an important function for building up fibrous tissues in the human body. An insufficient supply of these amino acids can make itself known in the form of painful joints as well as brittle fingernails and hair.


Medicinal uses:

Supplemental dosage - 1 tsp gelatine = 4 tsp jelly crystals. Just add 1 tsp of gelatine to tea or coffee daily.

Enemies of Joint repair

Vitamin C destroys free radicals and helps preserve the integrity of cartilage and supports new growth. Vitamin B6 shrinks the inflamed synovial membrane that lines the surface of the joint, alleviating pain and restoring mobility. Improving the diet can make a difference to joint pain and stiffness simply by identifying where the problem is and taking steps to rectify it by providing what is missing.; This may be as simple as adjusting our diets to the foods used by our grandparents, like jellied foods and some of the simple supplements they also used, like magnesium and borax. Contributors to joint damage and limiting bone growth -


Basic list of Food Products containing Gelatine

Breakfast Cereals



Energy Bars

Cookies, Cakes, and Pies


Arthritis and osteoporosis

Arthritis (wearing of the joints) and osteoporosis (pathological thinning of the solid bone substance, leading to brittle bones) are among the most well-known diseases in Europe.

Sports injuries, extreme sporting activities, heavy manual labour and wrongly loading the joints and bones lead to changes in the joints. These can lead to stiff fingers, cold feelings and swellings in the extremities. These changes are often accompanied by extreme physical pain. However, the complaints can be prevented with a healthy diet where protein intake has been optimised, for example with gelatine.


Osteoporosis (decalcification of the bones) is a disease due to the imbalance of bone minerals. As minerals are leached out for other body usage, the stability of bony tissue is eroded resulting in easy fracture. Crumbling limestone is a good example of osteoporosis.

Minerals are deposited and are the matrix and strength of the the bone. However if the there is a shortage of a particular mineral in another part of the body, a withdrawal will occur from the bone to provide for the deficit. Bone is composed of many minerals in differing proportions - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, sulphur, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, silicon, stronium, boron. Boron helps other minerals to incorporate into the bony matrix (Borax for arthritis is an old folk remedy). Body hormones and Vitamin D are also necessary. Bone is destroyed and replaced periodically just like leaves on a tree. Another ongoing function of bone is the manufacture of blood cells in the bone marrow. We have a continuing need for the appropriate vitamins and minerals that we should be getting these from our diet. Plants and animals can display deficiencies too, we can only get the minerals if they were in the soil in the first place.

Contributors to Bone loss and arthritis -

Gristle in our diet contains essential nutrients to repair cartilage but we don't eat it any more. We feed it to our dogs now.

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