Styrax Liquidus

Common Name: Storax - Styrax is a genus of about 130 species of large shrubs or small trees in the family Styracaceae, mostly native to warm temperate to tropical regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with the majority in eastern and southeastern Asia, but also crossing the equator in South America. Common names include styrax, or the more ambiguous storax, snowbell, and benzoin.

Preparation: the resin is squeezed out, dissolved in alcohol, filtered and made into refined storax after distilling off the alcohol

Storage: stored in air-tight containers and kept in a dark cool place

Part Used: resin

Related Drugs - Ulcers, Herpes outbreaks: Musk, Clove and Benzoin

Related Drugs Parts used with - Pain: Cyperus rhizome, Corydalis tuber

Dosage and administration: 0.3-1g, used in pill or powder

Warning: should not be used in heat blockage syndrome

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