Mucilago Acaciae. U. S., Br.

Mucilage of Acacia. Mucil. Acac.

Mucilage of Gum Arabic; Mucilage of Gum Acacia; Mucilage de Gomme, Fr. Cod.; Mucilage arabique, Fr.; Mucilago Gummi Arabici, P. G.; Gummischleim, G.; Mucilagine di gomma arabica. It.; Mucilago de goma arabica, Sp.

The U. S. P. VIII directed the addition of lime water in making this mucilage; this addition has proved advantageous by neutralizing the acidity generally found in acacia and it promotes stability, but the U. S. P. IX process deleted the lime water. According to R. Bother (A. J. P., xliv, 113), if glycerin-be employed in the proportion of one to eight of the mass, and the mixture of water and glycerin be added to the gum in a bottle and solution secured by agitation at intervals over several hours, the resulting mucilage does not spoil; the presence of glycerin is objectionable, however, for many of the uses of mucilage of acacia. E. D. Oesch (West. Drug., 1892, 38) adds about 6 per cent. of alcohol as a preservative. Keller preserves the mucilage by the addition of acetanilid (two grains in the fluid-ounce). (C. D., 1896, 378.) Archer & Co. have found (A. J. P., xlvi, 469) that if "Tolu water" be substituted for water the mucilage will keep for months. The Tolu water is made by rubbing two drachms of the tincture with magnesium carbonate and two pints of water, and filtering. Mucilage is employed chiefly in the making of pills, and in suspending insoluble substances in water. In prescribing it for mixtures, it should be recollected that it is a solution of definite strength, containing, according to the U. S. formula, half an ounce of the gum to each fluid ounce of mucilage. The British mucilage is a little stronger. The adhesiveness of the mucilage is stated to be very much increased by the addition of one part of aluminum sulphate to one hundred and twenty-five parts of the mucilage, but this would not be permissible for a mucilage intended for medicinal purposes.

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