Green Lipped Mussel

Perna canaliculus

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 Research - In a 1998, double-blind study of 60 patients with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis conducted over a three-month period, those who used 210 mg of the stabilized lipid extract of perna canaliculus showed a 70-percent improvement in their symptom complex in both groups. There was reduced pain and stiffness, along with an improvement in functional indices. Another recent study of this novel compound showed that the stabilized lipid fraction of perna canaliculus may be a stronger antiinflammatory than flax oil, oil of evening primrose and fish oil. Laboratory-based investigations of a commercially prepared freeze-dried extract of the green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) showed that the material had the capacity to inhibit experimentally induced inflammation. The activity was thought to reside within an aqueous fraction containing high molecular weight material, possibly a polysaccharide.  In the present study, a polysaccharide (glycogen) has been extracted from Perna canaliculus and its anti-inflammatory activity examined in an attempt to characterize further the high molecular administered I.V. demonstrated a dose-dependent anti-inflammatory effect in rats with carrageenin-induced footpad edema. Mobilization of neutrophils to the site of an inflammatory stimulus was also significantly reduced. This activity was lost if the glycogen extract was treated with KOH or proteinase K, suggesting that the anti-inflammatory properties resided within a protein moiety associated with the glycogen.

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