Mushroom Pastries

Mushrooms of one night are the best, and are small and red inside, closed above; and they should be peeled, then wash in hot water and parboil; if you wish to put them in pastry add oil, cheese, and powdered spices.

Fine Powder of Spices from Menagier p. M-40:

Take an ounce and a drachm of white ginger, a quarter-ounce of hand-picked cinnamon, half a quarter-ounce each of grains and cloves, and a quarter-ounce of rock sugar, and grind to powder.


Spice Powder:

Pie crust:


  1. Make a pie crust by mixing flours and salt, stirring in water and kneading smooth.
  2. Roll it out and put it in a 9" pie shell.
  3. Slice mushrooms and parboil (put into boiling water and cook two minutes); drain.
  4. Grate or chop cheese
  5. Grind grains of paradise and mix up spices.
  6. Mix mushrooms, 2/3 of cheese, spices and oil.
  7. Put mixture into pie shell, put remaining cheese over; makes scant 9" pie.
  8. Bake about 20-25 minutes at 350deg.F.


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