Liquid Solution- Baby Wipes (Anti-fungal)

Pines, turpines, and citrus oils are disinfectants and excellent for house cleaning but too strong or harsh for baby skin (especially baby bottoms). Alcohol burns unless reduced to a minute quantity.

Witchhazel and the essential oils listed discourage yeast growth without discoloration of the wipes!



  1. Pour all your ingredients into your glass jar - cover and shake to blend the ingredients.
  2. Place your wipes in a sealable waterproof container and pour enough solution to moisten them.

To inhibit rash you can also add one of these herbs to your solution if you don't mind a bit of discoloration to the wipes - add:

(Caution - these herbs discourage yeast growth but like any tea - slightly discolor the wipes)

  1. PS - if you do not have access to witchhazel add 1/2 cup distilled water to brew dry herbs as a tea to add to your formula.
  2. Store extra solution in the refrigerator. It should stay fresh for a long time especially if you used distilled water. 


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