Introduction to the Alchemy of Life

By Jesse Potter aka Elkin Vanaeon

The alchemy of life is learning how to apply processes needed to transform our bodies and minds to promote long life, health, vitality and maintain keen mental alertness. This section details the problems of processing foods and beverages. We live in an age where the processing of food and beverages is industrialized and allows the use of:

The use of these processes allows saving money through the prevention of loss to the farmers and manufacturers - but it also allows residues of steroids, pesticides, chemical additives and preservatives to build up in our bodies over time. What took millions of years for life to adapt and build immunities to our natural environment - is now being chemically, physically, and mentally stressed to adapt to new unhealthy environmental conditions.

We can live longer healthier live by learning how to prepare foods and herbal medicines in a more caring holistic approach to life! I put this material together so that you can view and judge for yourself what you feel comfortable with in changes to your home environment and medical needs. Learn common sense and embrace an educational background to include a thorough knowledge of the chemical makeup of the products we use, and are exposed to - including external products and medicines prescribed or made for medicinal use! Remove hazardous chemicals you come into contact with and begin using naturally organic grown foods.

Learn the phytotherapeutic use of plants that produce and comprise a myriad of simpler chemical substances that we have adapted to and interact with in the nature of foods, natural medicines, aromas and spices. Ayurvedic practitioners, homeopathic practitioners, naturopathic practitioners, traditional Oriental practitioners and Native American Indians commonly utilize phytotherapy.

Together with a natural approach to medicine, establishing a balanced diet, nutrition, adequate exercise and clean water, you can achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Phytotherapy also includes aromatherapy in including the use of essential oils (as being the volatile oils found in the seeds, roots, resins, flowers, trees, stems, bark and fruit of plants) as a means of treating disease and maintaining health. Essential oils extracted from the plants have many beneficial and protective properties. Many of these oils have antiviral, antibacterial or antifungal properties and are dispensed by different methods of being absorbed through the skin, breathed from an incense or fragrance, or ingested orally. Some soothe inflammation, relax tense muscles or enhance breathing. There are about herbal 150 essential oils, most of which have some form of antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antidepressant and expectorant properties - not all herbal essential oils are aroma therapeutic. Other properties of the essential oils used in aromatherapy are for stimulation, relaxation, improved digestion, and diuretic properties.

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