Recipe for Ice Cream

Ingredients for Mix:

Add all these ingredients to the freezer can, insert dasher and cover. The following steps include skimming instructions if you have your own source of whole milk.

  1. Use either Half and Half or skim the cream off of fresh milk which has set  undisturbed for several days (In the image, I am skimming goat's milk which has set in the refrigerator for four to six days.  (Follow strict instructions for proper handling and chilling of fresh milk to ensure that it will not have developed an off flavor in the meantime.)  If you need to skim the cream, but do not plan on making ice cream at that moment, you may freeze the cream until use.   Then thaw it and continue with this recipe.  However, freezing and thawing causes some flocculation of the butter flakes and can make your ice cream buttery.
  2. Add a total of 2 quarts of cream and/or Half and Half.
  3. Add 2/3rds to 1 cup of sugar (adjust for the sweetness you prefer in your ice cream).  Commercial ice cream add closer to 1 1/2 or even 2 cups of sugar for a half gallon of liquid.
  4. Use real vanilla (vanillin does NOT taste like the real thing). We use an aged vanilla available from a local "Old Time Store."
  5. Add 1 tablespoon vanilla (two if you like a stronger vanilla taste). You can also add a tablespoon of rum or whiskey to enhance the vanilla flavor
  6. Freeze as outlined below in "Method for Freezing Ice Cream ."
  7. Halt the freezing process when the ice cream is slightly soft (do NOT over crank or you will get butter flakes in your ice cream, not usually a desirable trait for ice cream...). Pack in covered containers labeled with the date of "manufacture."

Method for Freezing Ice Cream

Supplies Needed:

 Equipment Needed:


  1. Add the ice cream mix to the freezer can, insert dasher and place lid on the freezer can.
  2. Place assembled freezer can in bucket, attach turning mechanism, lock in place.
  3. Scoop a 2 cup measure of ice and pour into bucket on either side of the turning mechanism. (4 cups total)
  4. Scoop in a 1/4 cup measure of salt on either side of the turning mechanism. I have found that one of my handfuls is equal to 1/4th cup, so I add salt that way. (one measure for each side = cup total). You can turn on the machine now.
  5. Repeat the alternating layers of 2 cups ice and 1/4 cup salt per side until both sides are filled up to the top of the can.
  6. After turning for a few minutes, the ice will melt down some, and you should add 2 additional cups ice to both sides, followed by 1/4 cup salt to both sides. Keep the level of the ice near the top of the freezer can.
  7. Check on the consistency after 10 minutes of cranking. Depending on the design of the can and the amount of ice cream mix added, the ice cream should be frozen in 10-20 minutes. Listen for the motor to labor, or notice that the hand cranking is getting HARD.

 Turn off machine, remove turning mechanism and lid, and examine the consistency. It should have risen up in the can and LOOK like "soft-whip" ice cream. It is best to stop when it is the consistency of moderately firm "soft-whip" ice cream for two reasons:



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