Pickled French Beans



  1. Gather the French beans young, and leave on a small bit of the stalk.
  2. Make a strong brine with salt and water, strong enough to float an egg in (just dissolve salt in cold water till it is the strength required) ; put the beans into this for two days. They turn rather yellow in this.
  3. Take them out then, and wash and dry them lightly, and put them in a stone jar.
  4. Put the vinegar and the spices in a porcelain-lined saucepan, let it boil, and pour it boiling over the beans in the jar; instantly cover the jar with a lid or plate, and let it stand twenty-four hours.
  5. Then pour all the vinegar off, and boil it again, and once more pour over the beans, and cover till cold, when they may be bottled.
  6. Fumes of the vinegar restores the green colour; and the alum assists that.


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