Making Cured and Smoked Polish Sausage Kielbas

Polish sausage is made of coarsely ground lean pork with some added beef. The basic spices for this well known sausage are garlic and marjoram.



  1. Grind beef and pork through 1/4-inch plate.
  2. Add spices and water, mix thoroughly.
  3. Grind through 3/16-inch plate.
  4. Stuff into natural hog casings and hold overnight (38F) for cure to react.
  5. Smoke at 90 to 100F for two hours.
  6. Raise temperature gradually to 165 to 170F in smokehouse and cook until internal product temperature reaches 150F.
  7. NOTE: Beef gives this product a deeper red color and improves the product consistency and appearance.


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