Making Cured and Smoked Beef Sausage



  1. Grind beef chucks through 3/8-inch plate and beef plates through 1/4-inch plate.
  2. Combine meat ingredients adding salt, dextrose, cure and seasoning and mix well for five minutes.
  3. Transfer to stuffer and stuff in cellulose or fibrous casings three to four inches in diameter or large beef casing.
  4. Place in cooler at 40F for 36 hours to permit cure to react with meat.
  5.   Remove from cooler and allow product to stand at room temperature for two hours to warm up.
  6. Moisten surface by showering briefly before placing in 90 to 100F smokehouse.
  7. Hold at this temperature while smoking for four hours, then gradually raise the temperature to 165 to 170F, holding at this temperature until a minimum internal temperature of 152F is reached.
  8. Total smoking time will depend upon the size of casing used. It is important that internal temperatures be checked frequently. Total cooking time will be 12 to 14 hours.
  9. Remove from smokehouse and cold shower until internal temperature is reduced to 120 to 130F.
  10. Allow product to stand at room temperature for two to three hours before placing in a dry cooler.


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