Kefir Brine

Kefir Brine is prepared as a solution of kefir or kefir-whey mixed with salt and water. Fresh or cooked fruits, including avocado and banana can be preserved in Kefir Brine. When preserving sweet fruits, omit the salt or soy sauce as part ingredients. Nitrites, nitrates including oxalic acid, and other unfavourable compounds are reduced or eliminated when preserving foods containing these compounds in kefir. Sugars are also reduced through secondary fermentation.



  1. Combine all ingredients in a sealable container
  2. The brine should completely cover the food product that is to be preserved
  3. Store in sealed container and refrigerate.

This will naturally preserve the food for about one to two weeks or longer, depending on amount of kefir to water ratio used for preparing the Kefir Brine, and if the Kefir Brine is refreshed with fresh ingredients.

Extending Preservation Time - Renew the Kefir Brine solution weekly to extend the keeping time of the product for longer than one or two weeks. Keep doing this every week for as long as needed, doing so, renewing the keeping time, time after time. Due to kefirs complex microflora - Kefir Brine acts to naturally inhibits spoilage at low temperatures.


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