Make Cheese from Sour Milk


  1. Add fresh milk to the sour milk to make one litre.
  2. Leave it covered on the kitchen bench until it has set.
  3. Line a colander with a clean cloth, and pour in the curdled milk.
  4. Gather up the edges and tie them, making a bundle.
  5. Hang this over the sink overnight until it stops dripping.
  6. Scrape off the cheese into a bowl and flavour it to taste.
  7. Try adding herbs, pepper, garlic salt, dried onion; or chopped dried fruits, a dash of rum or brandy, nutmeg and a little honey.
  8. The whey (liquid) can be used within a day or two, or frozen for future use, in scones, soups and stock, pastry, rice dishes - just about anything you want to add a cheesy flavour.

You can restore slightly sour milk by adding a pinch of "Bicarbonate of Soda" to it.


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