Kefir Water Recipe #1

To make this delicious, refreshing recipe we start off with:-



  1. Just keep using these curds for the purpose of culturing the kefir water. [Don't send them back to the milk medium.]
  2. Cover with a cloth or coffee filter and band to keep it in place and store this in your culture cupboard ;-) Test is to see how it tastes after 24 hours or so has past. Enjoy it when it is fizzy and bubbly, cuz that is when it is ready to drink.
  3. It could take up to 2 days to culture but doubtful it would take that long in summer.
  4. To enjoy kefir water to the utmost, bottle in beer/soda pop bottles. Keep at ambient temperatures for a few days before refrigerating so it can build pressure to be totally fizzy like a soda pop.
  5. If you uncap and forget one [unlikely because it is so good, but it has happened] it won't go totally flat. In fact, if you really like the fizz, just recap and keep at room temp for a day before refrigerating. It'll re fizz- no kidding.


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