Ulanzi (Bamboo Wine)

Location of production - East and Southern Africa.

Product description - Ulanzi is a fermented bamboo sap obtained by tapping young bamboo shoots during the rainy season. It is a clear, whitish drink with a sweet and alcoholic flavour.

Preparation of raw materials - The bamboo shoots should be young in order to obtain a high yield of sap. The growing tip is removed and a container fixed in place to collect the sap. The container should be clean in order to prevent contamination of the fresh sap.

Processing - The raw material is an excellent substrate for microbial growth and fermentation begins immediately after collection. Fermentation takes between five and twelve hours depending on the strength of the final product desired.

Packaging and storage - Packaging is usually only required to keep the product for its relatively short shelf life.

Caution - Homemade coffees, wines and liqueurs do not have the shelf life of commercial brands! In many instances the use of extracts is preffered instead of cooking and breaking down fruits - to expedite the ageing process and prevent acidity or fruit sedimentation (this also sometimes prevents the natural flavours to permeate the liqueur)! Sugars, coffee, chocolates, and fruits added with water can introduce contaminants to liqueurs so refrigerate upon opening, serve and enjoy as soon as possible!


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