Caramel for Colour

Caramel, a nice name for burnt sugar, is legally added to brandy, scotch whisky, rum but by law not to American whiskey. How much is used? A site for Georgian brandies gives sugar contents ranging from 0.7%, 1%, 7%, and 12% i.e. from 1 tsp (6 grams) to 20 tsp (120 g). I would be inclined to start with 1 tspper litre and add extra to taste or color. The French and English caramel is from the Spanish 'caramelo' which is derived from medieval Latin. The 'mel' part refers to honey (cane honey). Several sites on the subject:

Caramelizing Sugar

Put sugar in a heavy pot. Stir, letting sugar liquefy. Cook over a low heat until dark, stirring constantly, so the sugar does not burn. When almost burnt, remove from heat and stir in hot water gradually. Mix well, let cool.

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