Homemade Benedictine (Killmister) Recipe

Benedictine by John Killmister from http://www.guntheranderson.com/liqueurs/benedict.htm

Benedictine is supposed to be a closely guarded secret of the Benedictine Monks from aEngland. Though there are many books and recipes on the Internet about herbalism - It is important to remember that in making herbal preparations or distilled beverages that some ingredients may be harmful if mixed in the wrong amounts or improperly out of context by someone not trained in the "Art of Herbalism". Even using the wrong equipment can cause serious problems. So beware this recipe is for educational use only and not for actual use for consumption!!!

Benedictine Essence

Macerate these ingredients, press, and filter - allow to set at 55 degrees F. for a week

Macerate for a week, press, and filter - to the filtrate add:

Bring up the volume to 17.5 oz. by the addition of alcohol (90%). The traditional time for aging the completed essence (maturing) was 2 years before being used for the following:

 Liqueur Method:

 Dissolve the syrup (sugar and water) and add to the Alcohol, mix the final Liqueur with the Benedictine Essence! Place in Bottle or Casket and bung!


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