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  1. pagan - Message Board - ezboard.com A place for Teens to descus thier Religion openly with others ... Teen wicca pagan. Login | Register Your Free Account (Required) | Search | Help ...p068.ezboard.com/fteenwicca88063frm14 - 10k
  2.  Wicca and Witchcraft - Pagan Wicca and Witchcraft ... Wicca is now the oldest and most established of the modern neo ... Witch Next Door: Separating Fact from Fiction about Witchcraft, ...www.bellaonline.com/articles/art18591.asp - 19k
  3.  Wicca Wiccan Metaphysical Pagan Supplies @ Spellbound Secrets ... Witchcraft Supplies, including Wicca Supplies, Pagan Supplies, Occult Supplies, ... Stones Secret Mojo Bags Secret Witch Potion Bottles Smudge Sprays Spell Kits ...www.spellboundsecrets.com - 42k
  4.  Reclaiming.org Teaching classes and leading rituals rooted in the Faery tradition.www.reclaiming.org - 7k
  5.  Witchcraft - World of witches, wicca and spells Whether you're a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Christian, or what ever, the information ... Witchcraft, Paganism, Spellcraft and Magic ...www.witchcraft.com.au - 11k
  6.  Spelwerx Witchcraft, magic spells, and incantations.www.spelwerx.com - 12k
  7.  Rituals Cyber Boutique Bookstore -- Womencraft, Wicca & Pagan Interest WOMENCRAFT, WICCA & PAGAN INTEREST. SHAKTI WOMAN: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our ... OF THE WITCH by Laurie Cabot. Cabot, the well-known "witch of salem, ...www.celestialhealing.com/bookswicca.html - 10k
  8.  ISU Pagan Community ISU Pagan Community is a resource page for Iowa wicca (witch, wiccan), druid, and pagan folk of all kinds ... Topics - Pictures - Pagan Articles and Handouts ...www.stuorg.iastate.edu/pagan - 7k
  9.  A British Traditional Wica Coven in Middle Tennessee ... Wanna Be A Witch? Advice to Seekers. More Advice to Seekers. BTW Seekers Booklist. Artemisia Grove, Our Pagan Grove. Traditional Wicca Resources. Magickal Resources ...www.tradwicca.org/beginnings.html - 9k
  10.  Pagan, Witch ,or Wiccan? Pagan, Witch ,or Wiccan? A Blue Moon Manor article examines the definition of ... Introduction to Paganism Introduction to Neo-Paganism. Introduction to Wicca ...www.blue-moon-manor.com/articles/Witch-or-Wiccan.html - 13k
  11.  BLESSED || Wiicca Fanlisting If you are a fan of wicca, please consider joining and showing your support. ... Category: Mythology/Religion: Religion- Paganism. Hosted by: Script used: ...wicca.baptism-of-blood.net - 4k
  12.  Greencraft Wicca Pagan Religion USA GB Sacred Well Congregation Witchcraft or Wicca is a nature religion practised by both men and women. ... paths in their religious quest, and to the witch everybody's path is sacred. ...www.greencraft.be/en-wiccageneral.html - 18k
  13.  The Gods' Grove: Wicca, Paganism, and much, much, more... The Gods' Grove - Witchcraft, Paganism, and much, much more. ... Merry meet, and welcome to The Gods' Grove, a celebration of Wicca, Paganism, and the old Gods. ...www.thegodsgrove.com - 12k
  14.  Seasons Weekly 08 Seasons Daily Seasons of the Witch Weekly 2008. Seasons on the Wall 2008. In stock. Ready to ship. Seasons of the Witch Daily 2008. Jessica Galbreth Night Magick and Enchanted 2008 ...www.7th-house.com - 12k
  15.  Internet Book of Shadows: Wicca vs. Paganism (David Piper) By: David Piper Firstly, Paganism is a collective term for many different faiths and Wicca is one specific Pagan faith; however, specifics of Wicca IMHO: ...www.sacred-texts.com/bos/bos621.htm - 5k
  16.  Wicca It is believed that Wicca stems from many other pagan religions such as the ... The church claimed that paganism was the worship of the devil and demons, only ...condor.admin.ccny.cuny.edu/~lm5786/laurenwicca.htm - 9k
  17.  the gathering pagan wicca witch at paganartsgathering.com wicca book of shadow wiccan pagan wica world ... Pagan. Wicca. Witch. Wiccan. Goddess. Pentacle. Enchantment. Wicca Book. Paganism. Wicca Book of Shadow ...www.paganartsgathering.com - 15k
  18.  Welcome to the Jack-O-Witch Wicca 101 Page Jack~O~Witch.com ... For a complete listing of all of our Jack-O-Witch Craft ... Jack~O~Witch. Wicca, Druids, and Pagans of Jacksonville, NC. Wicca 101 ...www.jackowitch.com/THEWICCA101.html - 28k
  19.  WiccaNet - Home of WiccaNet Chat for Wiccans & Witches on the Web. Home of WiccaNet Chat for Wiccans & Witches on the Web. & Pagans on the web wttchcraft wicca and paganism are based on our Mother the Earth.wicca.net - 1k
  20.  Witchery.com - Witchery's Book Of Shadows - Wicca Defined ... Witches, Goddess Worship, Wicca, Wica, Paganism, Druidism, Magic(k), Earth Based Spirituality. ... "witch", which in the original Anglo-Saxon possessed two ...www.witchery.com/bookofshadows/wicca.shtml - 11k
  21.  Wiccan Traditions ... Murray in 1921 in "The Witch-Cult in Western Europe," this term ... best-known of the neo-pagan religions is Wicca, known to some as Witchcraft, an ...www.joellessacredgrove.com/wiccantraditions.html - 30k
  23.  Yahoo! UK & Ireland Directory > Religion > Wicca and Witchcraft ... Faiths and Practices > Paganism > Traditions and Paths > Wicca and Witchcraft ... Mother - Featuring the parent raising a child in the Pagan traditions of Wicca. ...uk.dir.yahoo.com/society_and_culture/.../wicca_and_witchcraft - 30k
  24.  The Lotus Pond - Wicca - "Natural Born Witch" A collection of essays about Wicca, intended for the beginner and the ... that includes magic working, to a form of pagan religion with magic working. ...lotuspond.silentblue.net/wicca/wiccanaturalwitch.html - 6k
  25.  The Pagan Federation Voluntary organization which campaigns for the rights of pagans and tries to educate the public about paganism.www.paganfed.org - 4k
  26.  WiccaWeb.com Like most Neo-Pagan spiritualities, Wicca worships the sacred as immanent in ... the era of the Inquisition, and of the other witch hunts which sprang from it. ...www.wiccaweb.com/faq.php - 23k
  27.  Lady of the Earth Gardnerian Wicca. Glossary Of Terms ... My Wicca - Part 5. Old Guard Paganism ... Reflection On "Old Guard" Paganism. Rituals Of Wicca. Saxon Wicca Rites ...www.ladyoftheearth.com/wicca/wicca.html - 9k
  28.  Temple of Wicca - Mind, Body & Spirit ... to subscribe to the Temple of Wicca Yahoo group. Click here for ToW ... The Witches Alphabet | Thirteen Goals of a Witch | Tools of Wicca | Witches Rune ...www.rollanet.org/~mdoc/pagan - 12k
  29.  Hermetic Fellowship : Wiccan Resources Margaret Murray, The Witch Cult in Western Europe (1921) ... Wicca/Celtic/Pagan music, Chants, Nature Sounds, Zen Lectures, Ritual/Meditation ...www.hermeticfellowship.org/HFWiccanResources.html - 42k
  30.  WholesaleKnives, in contact with suppliers from many countries Edged weapons specialists, carrying stock from around the world at wholesale prices.knives, daggers, ... WICCA, PAGAN, ATHAME. Click HERE For A Brief Explanation ...www.wholesaleknives.co.uk/wicca_pagan_athame.htm - 26k
  31.  indexflat www.witch.net - 4k
  32.  goddess pagan wicca witch wiccan at paganize.com paganism wicca book of shadow wiccan pagan wica world warcraft ... Pagan. Wicca. Witch. Wiccan. Pentacle. Enchantment. Wicca Book. Paganism. Wicca Book of Shadow ...www.paganize.com - 14k
  33.  The Pagan Pride Project Web site: Brochures Information brochures on Pagan Pride Day, paganism, and Wicca are linked below. ... Pagan Educational Network's brochure on Paganism. What is Asatru? ...www.paganpride.org/resources/resources.html - 10k
  34.  Wicca Vs. Paganism Pagan Forum.com > Forum > Archived Files > Archive > Topic: Wicca Vs. Paganism ... Olde Fashioned Eclectic Solitaire Pagan. Posts: 6,702. Wicca Vs. Paganism " ...www.paganforum.com/index.php?topic=1457.0 - 38k
  35.  Welcome to Wiccad Witches - Home of the Wiccad Witch Point of the Week A CyberPagan Community for Inspiration, Revelation, Mirth and Reverence! ... Detecting Resolution - Please Wait...www.wiccadwitches.com
  36.  Kitchen Witch Lotions & Potions - Magick ... that may interest anyone wishing to know more about this ancient pagan religion. ... The Wicca Garden is a complete study of herbs and their Wiccan ...www.kitchenwitch.com/books/magick.html - 10k
  37.  wicca celulares ledger witch wiccan at wiccaledger.com wicca book paganism of shadow wiccan pagan wica world warcraft ... Pagan. Pentacle. Enchantment. Wicca Book. Paganism. Vacation. Technology. Health & Beauty ...www.wiccaledger.com - 15k
  38.  Open Letter to A New Witch ... Magick, Earth Religion, Pagan, Paganism, Witch Trials, Wiccan Historian, Druid, ... not seek to establish a scale of Wicca purism, (for no two Witches will ever ...home.att.net/~wiccanhistorian/bos/openlettertoawitch.html - 5k
  39.  weird wiccan... the adventures of a young eclectic solitairy witch Vote for me in the pagan 1000. Astrologie. Basic Principles / Basisprincipes ... What's a Witch / Wat is een heks? Who's Weird Wiccan? Wicca & Satanism(e) ...weirdwiccan.homestead.com - 32k
  40.  Yahoo! India Directory > Religion > Wicca and Witchcraft ... Faiths and Practices > Paganism > Traditions and Paths > Wicca and Witchcraft ... Mother - Featuring the parent raising a child in the Pagan traditions of Wicca. ...in.dir.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/Religion_and_Spirituality/... - 26k
  41.  NWC Article: British Traditional Wicca F.A.Q. ... originally applied to one of the branches of the ancient Pagan clergy. ... ancestor to the modern English "witch", and many Wiccans call themselves witches ...www.newwiccanchurch.net/articles/btwfaq.htm - 21k
  42.  wicca book of shadow pagan at pagancafe.com Wicca Book Of Shadow. Pagan. Wicca. Witch. Wiccan. Goddess. Pentacle. Enchantment. Wicca Book. Paganism. Wiccan Book. Christianity. Islam. New Age. Hinduism. Spirituality. Bibles ...www.pagancafe.com - 15k
  43.  The World Seen From Rome ... guide to paganism, based on information supplied by the Pagan Federation. ... Christian, defines Wicca as a "polytheistic neo-pagan nature religion inspired ...www.zenit.org/english/visualizza.phtml?sid=80648 - 21k
  44.  What is Witchcraft? page 2 Wicca is also considered a pagan religion because of its worship of prehistoric deities. ... the term Wicca is confusingly used interchangeably with witch. ...www.psican.org/Ashley/witch2.html - 16k
  45.  Wicca Witchcraft Goddess Plan An overview of Wicca religion. ... Teen Witch: Wicca for a New ... Pagan Shopping. Mountain Rose Herbs. Contact Teen Witch at contact02@teenwitch.com ...www.teenwitch.com/witchcraft/wicca.html - 17k
  46.  Witchcraft Spells Witch Craft Spells Wicca Spells Easy Witchcraft Wicca ... ... and Wicca Spells, easy witch craft spells for wicca, magic spells witchcraft wicca talismans, witch charms and ... Pagan Wiccans have reclaimed "witch" ...www.newspells.com/witchcraftspells.htm - 28k
  47.  Local Hoopeston Woman Confesses to Practicing Witchcraft and Wicca PR: Imagine living in a small town and having a secret life, and then being called on to reveal a secret ... World's Largest Witch School for Sale 2007-04-11 ...www.prweb.com/releases/2007/2/prweb502767.htm - 35k
  48.  Satanism vs Wicca Introductory Reference Music & Poetry Recipes Reference Works Rituals Stories Witch Hunts ... a feminist Goddess-oriented neo-Pagan, as well as a Satanist. ...www.paganlibrary.com/introductory/satanism_vs_wicca.php - 13k
  49.  Against All Odds, Witch School Survives ... Witch School have led a global effort to bring the wonder and magick of Wicca to ... the amazing world of Wicca, and discovering the innate skills of being a Witch. ...www.prweb.com/releases/2006/9/prweb433659.htm - 34k
  50.  The Good Witches Guide to Paganism and Wicca. A complete beginners guide. Whether Pagan, wiccan or just curious about the ... am Pagan. The 10 Commandments of Mother Earth. Spellcasting Alphabet. Paganism and ...groups.msn.com/TheGoodWitchesGuidetoPaganismandWicca - 44k
  51.  Pagan Talk and Interviews Talks, Interviews, Audio, Video ... WiccaSearch.Com: A Pagan search engine dedicated to magick, wicca, paganism and the occult! ...www.paganpowerhour.com/talk.htm - 10k
  52.  WICCA 101: Pagan Parenting<P> Class Facilitator: Tyr<P> ... and all information about the various paths to choose, including pagan and Wicca. ... If a witch uses both knowledge of empirical nature and intuitive nature, we ...www.unc.edu/~reddeer/classlog/tyrcls01.html - 49k
  53.  Wicca's World ... guide to paganism, based on information supplied by the Pagan Federation. ... Christian, defines Wicca as a "polytheistic neo-pagan nature religion inspired ...www.ewtn.com/library/ISSUES/zwicca.HTM - 13k
  54.  Witch Crafting Witchcraft, or Wicca as it is often referred to, is the fastest growing religion ... you will find this site and Witch Crafting valuable sources to help you live ...www.randomhouse.com/features/witchcrafting - 20k
  55.  Crystal Forest Pagan Parenting Crystal Forest Pagan Parenting Kids children pagan wiccan wicca witch witchcraft crafting paganism parenting articles essays poetry BOS book of shadows spells ...www.crystalforest1.homestead.com/Paganparenting.html - 15k
  56.  Ravenharts Wold and Metaphysical Shoppe New and growing home for followers of Wicca, Pagan and Witchcraft. ... be known as a Pagan colony, after Witch School starts letting visitors utilize ...www.debac.net/ravenhartswold.htm - 31k
  57.  Adrian The Ageing Hippy's Wicca & Witchcraft. A page of links to websites concerning witchcraft and paganism. ... Doug's Wicca Page. Chalice Center For Celtic Spirituality. Witch Web. Malewitch.com. Midnite ...www.adrian.smith.clara.net/wicca.html - 7k
  58.  Yahoo! Podcasts Search Results for wicca ... PodCast [ClickCaster.com] Rate and Review The Real Sound for the Pagan Witch. ... tradition or how do you see Paganism and above all how do you live ...podcasts.yahoo.com/search?t=1&p=wicca - 28k
  59.  Wicca and Druidry At a Pagan Federation conference and then later in The Druid Way (1993) I asked ... Paganism, Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism, the Earth Religions - all avoid the ...www.druidry.org/obod/druid-path/wicca-druidry.html - 7k
  60.  wicca - Books, journals, articles @ The Questia Online Library and body One religion that does that is Wicca--and thats why Im a Witch. ... Paganism and Polemic: The Debate over the Origins of Modern Pagan Witchcraft ...www.questia.com/search/wicca - 83k
  61.  A Pagan Sojourn: Impact of Wicca on Everyday Life Wicca has changed my life in other ways too, but these are the things ... I have followed the way of the witch there have been a few "a-ha" moments when ...pagansojourn.blogspot.com/.../01/impact-of-wicca-on-everyday-life.html - 74k
  62.  WiccaWeb ... friendly merchant listings and networking for the Wiccan and Pagan Community. ... Something led you to the rambling path we call Paganism. ...www.wiccaweb.com - 36k
  63.  Is Wicca Created or Based on Historical Religion ... been asserted that Wicca and other modern Pagan religions have somehow ... The new faith of paganism has no word from God to guide you. ...www.expagans4christ.com/is_wicca_created.htm - 13k
  64.  pagan alter wicca witch wiccan at paganalter.com paganism wicca book of shadow wiccan pagan wica world warcraft ... Pagan. Alter. Wicca. Witch. Wiccan. Goddess. Pentacle. Enchantment. Wicca Book. Paganism ...www.paganalter.com - 15k
  65.  New Products : Magickware, Witchcraft Wicca Magickal Resource for Pagan ... ... Pagan Home Decor WitchCraft Spell Supplies & Kits Incense, ... Candle - Witch - Red. 4. Candle - Unscented Mini - Green. 5. Candle - Unscented Mini - Ivory ...magickware.com/magickware/index.php?main_page=products_new&... - 36k
  66.  Organizations & Networking at Solitary-Pagan.net Pagan Family. Public Paganism. Healing Arts. Organizations & Networking. On This Page ... Wicca & Paganism at About.com. Church of All Worlds ...www.solitary-pagan.net/Organizations & Networking.htm - 14k
  67.  Pagan Links Pagan Information Index. Wicca 101 : This cute spot has great recipies! The Nine Houses of Gaia : Information about modern and ancient paganism ...www.msu.edu/~eastonm2/pagan.htm - 5k
  68.  Yahoo! Asia Directory > Religion > Wicca and Witchcraft ... Faiths and Practices > Paganism > Traditions and Paths > Wicca and Witchcraft ... Witch/Pagan Resources - Designed for long time as well as new practitioners. ...asia.dir.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/Religion_and_Spirituality/... - 28k
  69.  paganpaths Southern Delta Church of Wicca is an open Pagan/Wiccan Church open to the public, ... Teen Witch.com. Teen Witch 2000. Pagan Profiles. the Witches of ICQ ...www.paganpaths.net/groups.html - 38k
  70.  wiccan interfaith council ... activities to enrich and inform about Wicca, through workshops and social events. ... I felt that Wicca was being pushed aside, lost in the Pagan movement. ...wiccaninterfaithcouncil.itgo.com - 23k
  71.  churchofeclecticpaganfellowship.org Fellowship Pagan Wicca Witch Wiccan Goddess Pentacle Enchantment Wicca Book Paganism ... services on Fellowship, Pagan, Wicca, Witch and more. Related ...www.churchofeclecticpaganfellowship.org - 27k
  72.  Paganism Beyond Wicca ... find information on Pagan paths other than those based upon witchcraft and Wicca. ... find loads of information at the Witch/Pagan Resources site, but it is a ...paganinfo.50g.com/genpag.htm - 15k
  73.  From Witch to Wicca | Smarter.com Books Find the lowest price for From Witch to Wicca by (Paperback), ISBN 9781593600082. Compare prices from different merchant for deals on other books at Smarter.comwww.smarter.com/from_witch_to_wicca---pd--ch-1--pi-653776.html
  74.  A witch-Ipsita Roy Chakraverti is a leading Wicca exponent in India ... magic, mystery and power in the way of the Wicca, but not as commonly understood. ... short of the 21st century, I find myself seated opposite a modern day witch. ...www.lifepositive.com/Spirit/traditional-paths/wicca/ipsita.asp - 44k
  75.  TWPT Talks with Arin Murphy-Hiscock ... both Solitary Wicca for Life and The Way of the Green Witch, and then because ... to Wicca instead of resting comfortably in the general Pagan/nature spirituality ...www.twpt.com/arinmurphyhiscock.htm - 58k
  76.  wicca - Search Results - MSN Encarta Map of Witch Hole Pond. Map of Big Witch Gap. Books about "wicca" ... What is Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism. What is Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism. ...encarta.msn.com/wicca.html - 52k
  77.  Wicca versus Traditional Witchcraft Traditional Witchcraft and Neo-Pagan Witchcraft, or Wicca - The Differences, by Robin Artisson of ... Atrocities - Witch Hunts. Biblioteca Arcana - BOS ...www.spelwerx.com/wvtw.html - 32k
  78.  Insight Books - Modern Wicca by Modern Wicca by & other books about Modern Wicca at Insight Metaphysical Bookstore ... witch to allay some of the fears & misconceptions about Wicca & Paganism. ...www.insight-books.com/MDNW - 43k
  79.  Lady Hawkwind's Links - Various Websites of Interest ... Magick, Earth Religion, Pagan, Paganism, Witch Trials, Wiccan Historian, Druid, ... Firesilk's Wicca Lectures. Kitiara Silvermoon's Earthly Realm. Mystic Wolf's ...wiccanhistorian.home.att.net/links.htm - 8k
  80.  Wicca, Witchcraft, & Pagan Market - Pandora's Bazaar Book of Shadows ... hymns, spells, and more devoted to the Goddess. Articles on Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft. ... Other Articles. Witch on a Budget. Your Book of Shadows ...www.pandorasbazaar.com/bos.html - 33k
  81.  Pagans and wicca - from Harry Potter to Joan of Arc ... Wicca 101. About Pagan ... basics of witchcraft, Wicca, and other forms of paganism. ... occult, salvation, Witch, Witchcraft, Unitarian, Universalist, ...www.unitarian.co.za/pagans_wicca.html - 23k
  82.  The News of Jack~O~Witch!! ... on gods, goddesses, wicca, witchcraft, pagan, new age, mystical, witch, ... Jack~O~Witch. Wicca, Druid, and Pagans of Jacksonville, NC. The News. Subscribe to ...www.jackowitch.com/THENEWS.html - 20k
  83.  Yahoo! Canada Directory > Religion > Wicca and Witchcraft ... Faiths and Practices > Paganism > Traditions and Paths > Wicca and Witchcraft ... Mother - Featuring the parent raising a child in the Pagan traditions of Wicca. ...ca.dir.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/.../Wicca_and_Witchcraft - 27k
  84.  Capricorns Lair Wholesale : Welcome YOUR most UNIQUE Mega GIFT PAGAN WICCA GOTHIC OCCULT METAPHYSICAL WHOLESALER and ... Gifts for WICCA, PAGAN, GOTHIC, OCCULT, WITCHCRAFT, UNIQUE GIFTWARE and PRIDE ...www.wiccawholesale.com - 4k
  85.  Simple Magick ... issues facing the modern witch, wiccan, pagan, or occult enthusiast, including ... Related: religion, wicca, pagan, spells. posted at 3:55 AM 0 comments ...www.simplemagick.com - 47k
  86.  AnatolianCraft Home Content Articles Faq about Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft ... Wicca doctrine is an earth- based belief system which is based on the Pantheist pagan beliefs. ...anatoliancraft.org/?lang=en&option=content&task=view&id=1520&Itemid=31 - 31k
  87.  College of Wicca and Old Lore - College of Wicca Registration The College of Wicca and Old Lore teaches Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft to ... Are you interested in a Wicca basics class either prior to or during your first ...www.collegeofwicca.org/regCollege.htm - 35k
  88.  WICCA PAGANISM ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS ELEMENTALS Mustika Pearls Bezoar ... WICCA PAGANISM ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS ELEMENTALS WICCA PAGANISM ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS ELEMENTALS Magick Talismans Magick Mustika Pearls Magick Amulets Occult ...manizone.co.uk/wicca-paganism-ancient-civilizations-elementals-p-47... - 111k
  89.  Wicca Eight seasonal Pagan sabbats are also observed. ... Only a third degree witch may become a high priestess or high priest. ...www.arkansaspagans.com/Wicca.htm - 10k
  90.  Glossary - ExWitch Australia (formerly 'Born Again Pagan Ministries') The modern "Wiccan" and "Witch" both derive from the Old English "wicce. ... Wicca is the principal branch of the Neo-Pagan revival to which most modern ...exwitchaustralia.com/Glossary/WICCA.html - 16k
  91.  wicca - Message Board - ezboard.com A place for Teens to descus thier Religion openly with others ... If you are new or old to the pagan path you have somthing to share and give...p068.ezboard.com/fteenwicca88063frm13 - 10k
  92.  New Wiccan Church International ... Wicca (or "BTW") in order to differentiate us from the popular pagan movement ... The NWC defines Wicca as an initiatory, pagan mystery path with roots ...www.newwiccanchurch.net - 13k
  93.  What is Witchcraft / Wicca ... religions tend to be more folk-pagan than Wicca, drawing on the heritage of a ... The OE "wicca" was pronounced "witch-ah" and meant male magician. ...www.spiritual.com.au/articles/witchcraft/witchcraft-wicca-whatis.htm - 47k
  94.  Under My Spell If you are a fan please stop by, grab a code, peruse the extras and join the biggest fan listing of witch fans around. ...www.tempestdesigns.com/witchy - 5k
  95.  WICCA / PAGAN SOAP MOLDS SpiritCrafts offers Soap Molds, Soap Making Molds, Soap and Candle Making ... We are proud to offer an assortment of soap molds based on Wicca / Pagan themes. ...www.spiritcrafts.net/wipasomo.html - 16k
  96.  Wicca and Witchcraft Quizzes and Wicca and Witchcraft Trivia -- FunTrivia ... on the ways of the witch with plant, animal, and color ... for an individual who is not a follower of Wicca or any other pagan spirituality? ...www.funtrivia.com/quizzes/religion/paganism/wicca_and_witchcraft.html - 19k
  97.  The Truth About WICCA, Witchcraft, The Craft, Neopaganism, Pagan ... ... Public Radio reporter and feminist witch Margot Adler expresses this view in ... in one sense empties Nature of divinity"53 and thereby destroys paganism. ...lifeandtruth.com/wicca.htm - 31k
  98.  Satanism vs. Wicca (Diane Vera) ... Earth Religion, Pagan, Paganism, Witch Trials, Wiccan Historian, ... Wicca and Satanism are ... as a feminist Goddess-oriented neo-Pagan, as well as a Satanist. ...home.att.net/~wiccanhistorian/bos/satanismvswicca.html - 5k
  99.  Crystal Sands, A Pagan Playground of Occult & New Age Gifts and ... ... Witchraft; Altar & Pagan Ritual supplies specializing in Wicca with athames, ... Pagan-Ritual-Shamanic-Music- choose from artists such as...home.pacbell.net/dyandra - 21k
  100.  Kitchen Witch Offering handcrafted soaps, lotions, incense candles, and potions.www.kitchenwitch.com - 9k


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