The Yule Ritual

Written by Elkin Vanaeon 

Ritual Preparation:
Yule Log either cut and allowed to cure from the harvest time or left over from the previous Yule! Select three candles for the Yule Log

These Three Candles are to be set on the Yule Log on the Altar or in the Prepared Yule Fire if Outside!

Altar with White Cloth with Pentacle, Incense and holder, Dragon Figurine (Red Candle or if Outside Yule Fire), Chalice and Sword or Athame!

Select four additional candles for the elemental Yule quarters:

Choose your favorite ceremonial broom to Symbolically sweep out the Old and cleanse the way for the New.

Set aside ceremonial cakes (apple muffins are a perfect example) and wine on the serving trays. If you don't partake of wine, use your favorite Grape juice or Apple cider for the Wine and Loaf Blessing!

Ritual Space:
Clean the area, not just energy wise but dust and vacuum your space. If your space is outside, you might clean any fallen branches, weeds or even clear any animal indications that may have been deposited in the area.

Setting up the Circle:
The Priest\ess should find compass north, where the ritual will begin with calling in the quarters starting with the North. Set your circle according to those directions. You might choose to use a rope or even flour (if outdoors) to outline your ceremonial circle, and set your Quarter Candles to mark the location of the quarters so everyone will know where to stand when the circle is drawn.

Cleansing and Blessing:
The Ritual Broom can be used as well as burning Sage to clear and cleanse the space. Priest and Priestess Shall Cleanse and Anoint each other, then set burning sage at The Gateway to cleanse the way for those who enter.

Casting the Circle:
The Priestess and Priest using Wand or Sword shall walk Deosil starting and finishing north, leaving room and space for everyone, directing their will and energy from within to Cast and

SpellCast the Circle:
That only Good may Enter and only Good may Leave!

The Celebrants wishing to enter the Circle shall be challenged at the "Gateway between Worlds" for the "Sacred Passwords - In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust" before entering, and be Blessed and Anointed by "Priest, if a Womyn" or "Priestess, if a Man," The Celebrants shall only then be allowed to pass through the Gateway walking deosil around the Circle to where they will stand!

The Priest\ess will introduce themselves and ask each within to introduce themselves and say where they're from!

Consecrate The Altar and Tools!
Standard Consecration Ritual!

Calling the Quarters

The 1st Quarter Caller Faces North and Calls:
To the Holly King and the Watchtowers of the North and the elements of Earth, we call upon your wisdom, summon your energy and love to witness this celebration of renewal, blessings of Yule and union of spirit!...... Light the Northern candle!

The 2nd Quarter Caller faces East and Calls:
To the Maiden Goddess of purity and virtue, the Watchtowers of the East and the Elements of Air, we call upon your wisdom and summon your energy for clear communications to spirit, divine knowledge and understanding!...... Light the Eastern candle!

The 3rd Quarter Caller faces South and Calls:
To the Mother Goddess of nurturing and compassion, the Watchtowers of the South and the Elements of Fire, we call upon your wisdom and summon your energy for purification of Mind, Body and Spirit for the coming new year. We ask for your divine protection over all things that we bring forth for rebirth!......Light the Southern candle!

The 4th Quarter Caller faces West and calls:
To the Crone Goddess of wisdom and knowledge, the Watchtowers of the West and the Elements of Water, we call upon your energy and summon your presence for knowledge and understanding of old lessons and deeds now past!...... Light the Western candle!

The High Priest/Priestess will call and Invoke The Lord and The Lady aligning their energies and empowering them during the Ritual - The Holly King and The Crone - light a candle on the Yule Log for each deity you summon upon the alter!

Lighting the Yule Log:
The Priest/ess shall state the purpose of honoring, this Yule Sabbat as well as, the God and Goddess of the season!

I/we have come to honor the Holly King
for bringing
"Life Strength and Vitality" back into the world!
I/we have come to honor the Oak King
by offering our
thanks and gratitude for this year now past;
we give homage
and thanks
for the light you provided during our year
of lessons and learning.
We honor you by passing gifts to others
acquired from lessons
of the old year.
We welcome and honor the Mother
as she prepares
to give
birth to the new Son/sun,
bringing in the new Light of the World
and great Wisdom of the Crown goddess.

Songs to Sing:
        Silent Night, Spiral Dance, Ye Old Gods Laugh!

For the Triple Goddess, you might select some seed you harvested during Lughnasadh and set aside for this festival. The seed will represent all the virtues of the Triple Goddess, from virginity for the Maiden, to growth and abundance for the Mother and finally the harvest for the Crone.

Wine and Loaf Blessing:
Standard W&L Blessing!!!

Passing the Cakes and Ale:
Priestess-Hold the Chalice up to your neighbor and say: "May you never thirst "

Priest will-Hold the plate of cakes up to your neighbor and say: "May you never hunger"

Then pass deosil to each person in the circle allowing each to drink from the Chalice and to take a cake from the tray, after the first pass around the Circle Some Wine and Cake will be given as the Libation to the Lord and The Lady!

Libation to the God/dess:
The Priest/ess shall then pour the leftover wine onto the ground, making a circle and pentagram with the liquid. The leftover cakes are then crumbled carefully over the pentagram to nurture the earth in honor of the Lord and the Lady. If there are any cakes left over from the ritual, set them outside for the animals and spirit folk.

Thanking and Releasing Watchtowers:

We spent a good deal of time asking for their assistance, calling the quarters, Our personal spirit guides and the deities, so let us be polite and spend time thanking them as well.
Priest and Priestess stand facing the alter, Salute, Assume the God/dess Stance then call:

I/we, (state your majick name),
thank the God and the Goddess,
Thank you for watching over and being with us -
stay if you will,
go if you must!"

Each Quarter caller starting with the West going widdershins call and releases their Quarter ending with "Divine Spirits and the Watchtowers of - Thank you for watching over and being with us - stay if you will, go if you must, So Mote It Be!"

Close the Circle:
Snuff out the candles (don't blow them out). Leave the Three ritual candles burning on the Yule Log during the night until they burn out by themselves. The Priest/ess physically close the circle by having all join Hands singing Merry Meet, Merry Part Song!

Ritual Is Concluded-Time for Feasting:
Finally, share in some of the fruits, vegetables and breads stored from the harvests. Learn from and about each other - Rejoice in the presence of others, be free to share stories, experiences, remember be yourselves but do not disgrace the God/dess each find a way to help clean up or wash dishes!

Next Morning:
After Winter Solstice If allnight Vigil was made then Feasting, Story telling, and honoring of the Sun God would have been done before releasing Deities, Quarters, or releasing Circle!

Honoring The Sun God:
Light a prepared smudge stick and allow the sage and cedar to blaze for a few moments. Say part of your blessing, then blow out the flames and allow the incense to continue to smolder, complete your blessing and place the incense on the Altar.

We give homage to your birth and rising of your spiritual light
We honor your coming gifts
and thank you for bringing new light onto our path

Snuff out any Candles still lit

The Sun is Reborn!


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