The Power of Initiation

Written by Elkin Vanaeon
after completion of the Ritual of Change 2002

In the various Orders, Traditions, and Religious practices of this world there are invariably processes of Initiation that are performed in order for the initiate to be recognized as having proved his or her worthiness and acceptance by their peers!

In Wicca though, initiation is a complex process of learning and change of the Body, Mind, and Spirit! Enabling the initiate to process and channel the power in all its various forms! Endeavoring to become a master of the teachings, tradition, and craft through the understanding and changes in concepts, enabling the shaping of oneself to handle energies of self and deity, to merge and become one with them!

True teachings are sacred and few are chosen to undertake rituals of change, to open and travel the pathways between worlds, to seek and understand sacred knowledge of the realms, and to attain the wisdom to use the power justly, even fewer succeed!

As in ancient days, High Magick may only be taught under the tutelage and guidance of the Higher Authority of Deity, of God and Goddess, or Authority held in trust by High Priest and High Priestess! The sacredness of those Initiates and their journeys are found to be true over time in their thoughts, words, actions, and deeds; needing to be respected by those whom, in truth, started their journeys in similar fashion.

The purpose and reasons of higher forms of Initiation must be determined in advance by the Initiate as well as by those participating in such Rites, the Initiate must understand the undertaking and be in full agreement before beginning such a journey, that he or she must be willing to:

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