Path of the Initiate
Written by Elkin Vanaeon

Age and maturity are a normal part of every ones journey through the passing of time. In the reaching of milestones such as having and raising children, reaching midlife, the death of a loved one, or in living through the chaotic events brought upon by yourself or others through carelesness or acts of deliberation - are the marks in life affecting men, women, and children all throuth the ages causing them to question their beliefs in themselves, their culture, and diety!

In choosing to follow the path of becoming an Initiate of the Wicca - means going beyond the normal passages of life, of walking a path between worlds leading to many realms, of confronting and understanding aspects within the heart and mind - of truths untold! Where images of self through actions of the past, present, and future are portrayed within the mirror of the mind and felt from the depths of the heart. If you are truly on the path you can neither hide nor deny them. Training and discipline enhances ordinary senses to see beyond the barriers of time and space, and learn to use the gifts that you were born with and powers given to you on your awakening. To heal, channel, recieve, and direct energies towards inner transformation and the repatterning of self within the matrix and the patterns of existence. All of this involves the learning of principles, redes, teachings, and laws that affect you as well as others through the proper and improper use of what you have learned!

If you do not learn to look at what is hiding behind the masks of illusion then you will only see what you want to see, and not progress beyond that point. Wheras' seeing beyond the illusions and accepting those aspects of truth in your life - of recognizing actions of creation and destruction, of loves lost and loves found, of hate and anger, life and death, desire and apathy, wisdom and ignorance - aspects learned from within that will  assist you on your path!

Many have traveled the pathways seeking Ultimate Truths, only to find there are more questions than answers. There are no absolutes on this journey!

There is empowerment in the leaving of old paths of lies, deceptions, and untruths! This is also a hard path to follow for it means making difficult decisions - for the initiate experiences those aspects of death and rebirth, leading to dramatic changes in life and ways of thinking. The goals one seeks takes time and patience, and must have meaning - requiring faith and strength in ones beliefs [of self as well as others], otherwise the journey is wasted and what you sought was only an illusion!


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