Weighing of the Heart

by Elkin Vanaeon

Humanity has continually faced a terrible paradigm. Inspiring the attempts of heroism and courage in the actions of legends, of the attempts to recover lost innocence, purity, love, and harmony between man and woman! While continuing to perpetuate the authority of those who perceived the power and laws of Deity as given to man, not to woman. To protect, purify, and judge their own people - thus maintaining patriarchal supremacy, instilling terrible injustices against womankind as well as to themselves.

An unnatural hatred of women was created from the perceived loss of man's divine inheritance, through the religious and political teachings of those times. Humanity placed judgments on itself by the acceptance of deity having given authority only to man in:

How can those affected by such actions be asked to be thankful, return love, or give respect - to those whom had such actions forced upon them? It is the imbalance of authority and the results of actions of judgements, which causes righteous anger, retaliation, and revolution by those harmed by such actions requiring compensation to be made - more or equal to that, which was taken!

Accountability and Judgements!

We learn to acknowledge our fears and to conquer them, to be true to our people and ourselves. We are loving, strong, honest, and courageous, learning to be free to explore and shape our own lives. It is through the actions of the way we live, raise our children, and what they do with their lives that we hold ourselves in the bindings of accountability.

But in being accountable, we measure concepts of what is good and evil, what is pure and what is impure, the rightness and wrongness of actions? What is hateful in your eyes as well as of deity? How do you evaluate your own existing beliefs of what you understand of yourself as well as of deity? In the judging of yourself, are you attempting to live in the illusion of creating your own reality of what you perceive of deity, instead of the true reality and acknowledgment of the harm to humanity recorded throughout history, in the name of deity!

For aeons humanity has wrestled with this paradox - seeking the wisdom of the old, the young, the sacred, and the profane. But in the measuring of ourselves, in order to come to decent and hopefully good decisions, we finally come to rely on the scrutinizing and questioning of our own conscience!

Values of Judging Purity!

Purity has been used unjustly as a word meaning the judging of people, resulting in banishment and shunning of people due to differences of opinion, being declared unfit and unclean. Judgements promoting actions towards the differences in beliefs of religion, politics, race, and sex have caused actions of purification resulting in Genocide, Gendercide, and Persecution!

The calling upon the higher power of deity through those in perceived pure authority is used to justify the actions of demeaning the value and worth of those people not perceived as pure by their standards, harming others through perceived acts of righteousness!

It is not absolute purity that is measured on the scales of destiny, for no one is perfect. In truth, it is the acceptance of measuring your own heart and the understanding of the degrees of your actions in being correct and free of wrongdoing that you judge yourself.

To live means finding diversity and bringing those values found to be within balance into your life, but this is made through a filtering process of learned decisions. In total honesty, at some point you will cause someone else, pain or sorrow. This is unavoidable due in part to others attempting to force their values upon you; it is in doing deliberate harm without care or conscience that you are judged wrong! The actions of humility and gentleness must be balanced with pride and strength, or you will be trampled underfoot, and you must judge deeds that are to be accomplished as worthy to yourself, before being acknowledged by your people and your deity!

Learning from Regrets!

You cannot live without committing mistakes, for no one can know the full consequences of their actions until after having acted upon them. It isn't until later, that you realize your mistake and regret the action. You learn from regrets and it is in the recognition of having committing wrong actions that you can improve your behavior and make decent actions in the future, improving the measures your own true worth.

Judgements of Harming None!

We all do what we think is best from moment to moment, attempting to harm none. But in the process we recognize that we sometimes cause grief to another, we cannot please everyone. This is a part of life that cannot be deterred, we must do what we feel is necessary at the time, being true to ourselves in the action! Within a society this creates a process of constantly judging each other, but judgements can be made only after looking through the eyes, knowing what is in the heart, and walking the journey of life.

Learning from the past, living in the Present

Those whom were bound by the existing teachings of past times translated the sacred knowledge given to them by deity, seeing and teaching only those aspects they could relate to! Man and woman were separate entities, so the masculine and feminine aspects of deity had to be either separate or compartmentalized within the one deity. Since man was to be the warrior and stronger than woman in leading the people in those times, then the warrior masculine aspects of deity were to be stronger than the feminine aspects. These were judgements according to those times, which changed even further when warrior priests and priest kings came into being, shifting those aspects of deity even further out of balance.

In order to maintain control of the male aspects of deity, the priest warriors decided that the feminine aspects of deity portrayed in woman was to be judged unclean, and thus she was unable to lead her people as priestess in her impurity. This was domination and control of the spiritual and physical nature of the people, instead of a balance of equality.

The spiritual nature of both masculine and feminine aspects of deity is seen within the heart, as in all aspects of nature that surrounds us! Only in the fullness of deity, measured in complete balance of masculine and feminine aspects, when two hearts beat as one, would love of life come to the people! Yet, in those times, the feminine aspects had to be held away from woman - portrayed within man, maintaining the patriarchal balance of control.

The highest aspects of deity are held and portrayed in both man and woman. But it is the judgements and barriers projected by man onto deity, against woman, that prevents understanding and spiritual balance, preventing us as a people from living together in peace and harmony!


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