The Understanding of Patterns

By Elkin Vanaeon

There are patterns in everything in the Cosmos; from physics, of the atomic structure, to actions of taking in nourishment by breathing, drinking, or eating. The learning of patterns within nature, as well as what we project upon nature as patterns, helps us to perceive the nature of ourselves, understanding the nourishing and destructive aspects of ourselves in acting as the individual as well as a people.

Why should we understand patterns? What types of patterns are in a society?

We strive to understand the functions of life that allows us to change from the modes and actions of survival, to those of freedom to create and explore! We see the effects of actions of misunderstanding, but find it difficult to reach an understanding of universal patterns within the differences of communication of peoples retaining complex heritages, lineages, customs, and languages.

Simple patterns are easy to understand, whereas more complex patterns are more difficult! Understanding of what is beneficial or detrimental to society is seen in patterns of dominance and complacency, based on characteristics of structures within that society built to affect control of beliefs in religion, politics, and economics!

Monotheistic societies are linear in portraying masculine and feminine aspects of what is perceived as a single god. Saying that the joining of male and female aspects is the balance in the totality of god! In reality doesn't the aspects of the feminine sometimes refuse the aspects of the masculine, or the reverse! This happens in all aspects of nature, including humanity, so why not in god. Why is it that God must be perceived in the likeness of only man, oops sorry reverse that - man is in the likeness of god? Why are the notoricons, which represent the names of archangels and the angelic order perceived as either masculine or feminine, yet all given male names? Why call those whom represent deity to humanity as priest or priestess - the priesthood? Why within these religions, are the ruling judgements or final decision of deity made by the male aspects of deity, which represents the head? Every aspect of life by humanity is a matter of individual choice, yet according to existing monotheistic societies, it is mankind that must decide what is right for the rest of all of humanity, for our own good whether we like it or not!

Why must deity be perceived in perfect harmony and always guiding humanity for our own best interests? Within the Kabalah the color of the masculine aspects are white whereas the feminine color is black, portrayed within the Binah as the aspect of judgement. Judgement on humanity for actions against her will, or judgement against the very essence of the male aspects of deity that have been taken against her? Isn't this really shown in the creation of patterns within the teachings of a single god, a duality or schism within that god as well as the societies of angels and of humanity that empowered and worshipped such a deity! Beings fracturing themselves in the creating of a war of wills and of choices seen as absolutes between good and evil (the rightness and wrongness of actions) within themselves perceived and reflected in patterns of the totality of creation!

The creation of manifests, books of life and death, are tools used to bind people to patterns of purification! Either rewarding those who meet the desires of their god or punishing those who don't.

The Tree of Life became patterned as a maze, the labyrinth that had to be traversed to reach the power of god! Each pathway controlled by secret words of power and acts of purification before they could be traversed. Truth became lies in the controlling of the destiny of a people, the perceived creation of a structure with sealed passages that only a few who were pure and having authority in their knowledge could survive and call upon the higher authority and power of god! Thus teaching became one of symbols and words of denial, of shunning and banishment's, and sacrifices through acts of purification! In these patterns of teachings, humanity was taught that to turn on the light, one must hop and skip, do a back flip and a quadrilateral jump in order to begin the journey of "The Tree of Life." Whereas it is the inalienable rights of the individual to have freedom of choice to make decisions - such as simply rising and flipping on a switch to turn on the light!

The perceived understanding of complexity of patterns are maintained by those whom wish to remain in authority, whereas the understanding of the simplicity of patterns are available to all in the Greater Works of the Magicks of Life!

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